Always Been Yours Chapter 795

Feng Tianyi sent out flowers, and the group moved to the restaurant.

During the meal, Feng Shenjin and Wen Jingchen ate, and that was called a wind swept cloud.

Although Wen Jingchen had long been accustomed to eating his sister’s cooking, he had rarely eaten it since she had gone abroad, so he was incomparably nostalgic.

Feng Shenjin, on the other hand, felt that it was too delicious.

Of course it wasn’t that he hadn’t eaten good food before, but he just felt that his sister-in-law’s cooking smelled better than outside, there was an indescribable taste, and he liked it very much anyway.

Especially the sweet and sour chops, which were sweet but not greasy and had an excellent taste.

No, he couldn’t stop eating it.

And this dish also happened to be what Wen Jingchen liked.

In no time, the plate of sweet and sour pork was almost at the bottom.

Feng Shenjin and Wen Jingchen looked at each other and surprisingly started to grab food in a childish manner.

Wen Shiyu watched the two of them giving up on each other, crying and laughing, but didn’t pay any attention to them.

She turned her head and used the communal chopsticks to dish out food to Feng Shenye and Little Bao’er.

“Thank you, Mummy.”

Little Bao’er thanked her happily.

Feng Shenye also told Wen Shiyu to eat more.

Wen Shiyu nodded her head and greeted her parents-in-law to eat more.

Looking at the dishes in front of them, Pei Xin Yi and Feng Tianyi’s hearts were somewhat touched.

It was obvious that these dishes were all made by Wen Shiyu according to her personal tastes, and she had a heart.

Especially the pot of soup at the end, it was fresh and delicious like no other.

Little Bao’er ate a bowl of rice and drank another bowl of soup with a satisfied face, “So full.”

Seeing him like this, everyone present let out a good-natured laugh.

Feng Shenye also had an excellent appetite and ate two bowls of rice and drank a bowl of soup.

Seeing his son and grandson all eating happily, Feng Tianyi’s eyes turned loving when he looked at Wen Shiyu.

“Don’t work so hard in the kitchen in the future.”

“Indeed, there are people in the kitchen to do these things, you don’t want to tire out the granddaughter in my belly.”

Pei Xin Yi also echoed with a knife’s mouth and a tofu heart.

Wen Shiyu nodded her head, in a pleasant mood.

She could sense that the two old men seemed to be slowly accepting themselves.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of myself.”

The conversation between the three of them was also heard by Wen Jingchen, and the depression in his heart dissipated quite a lot.

He had been holding a grudge because of the previous incident, but tonight, he saw that the Feng family elders had not made things difficult for his sister and felt that it was a good sign.

Perhaps in time, the elders of the Feng family would slowly accept his sister, and of course, he would work harder to develop the company so that he could be a strong and powerful backer for his sister.

After finishing their meal, the group returned to the living room.

Feng Tianyi didn’t know if it was because he was in a good mood, he came to be interested.

“Shenye, it’s been a long time since I played chess with you, let’s have a few games tonight.”

Feng Shenye naturally did not refuse and asked Uncle Chen to bring the chess board.

Soon, the two of them were playing on the chessboard.

While Feng Shen Jin and Wen Jing Chen were playing puzzle games with Little Treasure.

Little Bao’er was having so much fun that the whole living room echoed with his laughter.

When Wen Shiyu came out after cutting the fruit, she saw such a happy scene.

“Mum, let’s eat the fruit.”

She walked over and greeted Pei Xin Yi.

Pei Xin Yi nodded and took a piece of apple and ate it.

Wen Shiyu sat beside her, suddenly not knowing what to say.

And compared to the harmonious atmosphere of the others, their side was a lot more awkward.

Feng Shenye did notice the delicate atmosphere between the two, but he just couldn’t think of any good way to help his little wife for a while.

Feng Tianyi suddenly saw that Feng Shenye was distracted and followed his line of sight, so naturally he also noticed the problem.

“Miss Wen, from what Shenye said, you just finished performing, why don’t you play a tune for us to hear.”

Wen Shiyu was already feeling a bit awkward, now that she could have something to do, of course she wouldn’t refuse, “Then I’ll go up and get my violin down.”

“I’m going too, I want to play with Mummy.”

Little Bao’er jumped over happily from the side at this time.

Pei Xin Yi and Feng Tian Yi naturally agreed, smiling lovingly and said, “Good, it’s just that we haven’t heard Bao Er play yet.”

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