Always Been Yours Chapter 804

Looking at her best friend who really didn’t seem to care much, Mona breathed a sigh of relief and changed the subject.

After the wine and the food were done, Veblen saw that Wen Shiyu seemed to be in quite a good mood and couldn’t help but suggest, “It’s a rare visit for you, do you want to go up and play a tune.”

Thinking that it had indeed been a long time since he had been here, Wen Shiyu nodded and took his violin to the stage.

In a short while, the light and melodious sound of the violin started to play.

Every diner was mesmerised.

At the end of the song, there was a thunderous applause.

There were quite a few old diners present, all of whom knew Wen Shiyu.

“Miss Wen, finally we’ve waited for you to play the piano.”

“Yes, we especially missed your zither sound during the time you weren’t here.”

“I feel that Miss Wen’s piano skills are better now than before, Miss Wen is really good, you should come more often in the future.”

Hearing these praising voices, Wen Shiyu felt like her body was infused with a surge of energy, and the haze that had built up in her heart for days was blown away.

“Thank you all for your support.”

With a bright smile on her lips, she bowed and saluted before walking off the stage.

Returning home later in the evening, she was in much better shape and determined.

No matter how much people questioned her, she would be steadfast in her path and would become even harder to make herself strong.

When Feng Shenye called, he was a little surprised to see Wen Shiyu’s energetic appearance.

“It looks like you and Mona had a good time tonight.”

“It wasn’t bad, I went over to the restaurant for dinner today and I even played a song on stage, many people said I had improved a lot.”

Wen Shiyu shared the events of the evening with great pleasure.

Feng Shenye was secretly relieved to hear this.

In the past two days, he had watched Wen Shiyu sulking and was particularly anxious.

Especially since Wen Shiyu was still pregnant with her child, he didn’t want her to have too many emotional ups and downs, which would hurt her body and be bad for the child.

In the following days, Wen Shiyu continued to train hard every day.

Everyone could see how hard she was working.

With that performance, she became more and more famous in Vienna recently, and many magazines came to talk to her.

They wanted Wen Shiyu to be on the cover of their magazines.

On this day, Hathaway purposely called Wen Shiyu to her office.

“Teacher, you’re looking for me?”

“Have a seat.”

After greeting Wen Shiyu and sitting down, Hathaway went straight to the point, “Do you have any ideas about the magazines you’ve been interviewing these days?”

“I’ll listen to my teacher.”

Although she and her teacher had distanced themselves a lot during this period of time, Wen Shiyu still trusted her teacher.

Naturally, Hathaway also felt it, and her mood was indescribably complicated.

She collected her mind and analysed, “Of these magazines, I’ve looked at them, some I think you can get on, but the ones that are partially not worth it, just put them off.”

“I know.”

Wen Shiyu nodded, and then after conferring a few more words, she got up and left.

Not long after she left, the news about her going to be in the magazine also spread around the band.

For a while, many people couldn’t understand why Hathaway was still willing to promote Wen Shiyu at this time.

The people in the band, in particular, were puzzled.

It was obvious that Wen Shiyu was the culprit who got Kathleen imprisoned, what was the headmaster thinking?

This matter was also posted on the internet somehow, and there were many different opinions.

“Actually, I think it’s quite good of Headmaster Hathaway to do this, although she is a mother, she is also Wen Shiyu’s teacher, and Wen Shiyu doesn’t seem to have done anything wrong, right, everything is Kathleen’s initiative to start the conflict, so why would she target her good student?”

“I also give credit to this act, no matter what, a bowl of water is level, this kind of mind, not ordinary people can compare.”

“I think it’s also possible that Head Hathaway doesn’t want to flat out ruin the reputation she has built up all her life.”

There were good and bad comments from the netizens.

But for this matter, Cathleen’s fans could not understand.

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