Always Been Yours Chapter 805

“What breadth of mind, what even-handedness in a bowl of water, I don’t think she deserves to be a mother at all!”

“I heard that ever since Wen Shiyu appeared, Hathaway has been favouring this woman and has beaten our Cathleen several times because of this woman.”

“How dare she hit our Kathleen, that’s outrageous, does she even know who is her daughter?!”

With Cathleen’s fans on a crusade, even though most of the internet felt that Hathaway had done the right thing, her reputation was ultimately at stake.

And things got out of hand online.

When her a*sistant saw it, she immediately reported it to Hathaway.

In the silence of her office, Hathaway sat alone at her desk, her hands trembling as she gripped the mouse and scrolled through the online comments one by one.

“Kathleen is still suffering in prison, as a mother, she didn’t want to find a way to get her daughter out, but here she is hailing Wen Shiyu, she is really a good mother.”

“When I meet such a biased mother, if it were me, I would not be able to accept it either.”

“So the reason why Kathleen did something wrong is all because of having an unreliable mother.”

After reading these comments, tears kept cutting down from Hathaway’s eyes.

How could these people say that about her?

Kathleen was her only daughter, how could she not feel pain when her daughter was suffering.

And then again, the fact that Wen Shiyu had developed into such a good situation was the result of the child’s own efforts, she had not done anything.

Faced with the current situation, Hathaway really didn’t know what to do, and her whole life was very tormented.

In fact, Hathaway had thought about treating Wen Shiyu coldly, but it was Kathleen who had actually done something wrong.

If she were to protect Kathleen, it would only be unfair to Wen Shiyu.

Thinking about all this, Hathaway suddenly felt that after living for so many years, she was more tired than ever in these days.

Perhaps she …… should sell the band?

And all these things, Wen Shiyu did not know.

She was busy training every day.

On this day, all the magazine interviews she had promised earlier also arrived at the orchestra.

When Mona saw the magazine staff, she happily came up to Wen Shiyu and congratulated her, “After today’s interview, you’re definitely more famous, so you’ll have to cover me in the future.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely cover you and give you a thigh hug.”

Wen Shiyu deliberately stretched out her thigh and laughed and joked with her.

Not long after, a staff member of the magazine came over, “Miss Wen, is it okay if we want to take a picture?”


Wen Shiyu nodded her head and walked to the side for the photographer to take the picture.

And Mona was also interviewed and asked by the staff.

“Hello, I just saw you and Miss Wen having a nice chat, you are good friends right?”

“Yes, I’m good friends with Tokyu.”

“Then can you tell us about what Miss Wen usually does in the band?”

“Of course you can, Shiyu usually trains very hard in the orchestra, and in order to be able to play better on stage, she is also taking on restaurant gigs as a way to hone her piano skills.”

Mona said some general things about Wen Shiyu, in short, all kinds of compliments and admiration, “To be honest, to be friends with Shiyu is one of the best things I’ve done, not only does she work hard to improve herself, she also helps me, and my current improvement in my piano skills is inextricably linked to her.”

As well as interviewing Mona, the magazine staff also asked a number of members of the second group.

Without exception, all of these people praised Wen Shiyu in various ways.

The people from the first troupe looked at the joyful second troupe and although they were all kinds of sour, they didn’t look for things to deliberately discredit Wen Shiyu.

This was because they knew that once they did such a thing and tarnished Hathaway Ensemble’s image, the leader would definitely not let them off.

On that day, the magazine staff also followed Wen Shiyu for a day of filming.

They recorded what Wen Shiyu looked like when she was training, and also suggested that Wen Shiyu should take them to see the restaurant where she usually performed.

To this, Wen Shiyu did not immediately agree.

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