Always Been Yours Chapter 807

Master Feng seemed to be delighted and let out a light-hearted laugh.

And Feng Shenye, who was on their mind, was still working overtime at the company at this time.

Because Feng Shenye had completely forgotten about it.

Until Xu Yan knocked on the door and came in, “President, it’s almost nine o’clock, Miss Mu’s side of the reception has already started.”

Feng Shenye frowned, only then did he remember this matter.

“I know.”

Although the words were said, he did not have the slightest intention of getting up to leave.

It was clear that he was intentionally stalling for time.

Xu Yan also read it and said nothing more, turning around and exiting the office.

Just like that, another hour pa*sed.

When Feng Shenye finished his business and was ready to leave, the mobile phone on his desk rang, it was from home.

“What’s wrong?”

“Young master is not well, the young master is sick.”

Hearing Uncle Chen’s anxious voice, Feng Shenye’s face suddenly changed.

“I know, I’ll be right back.”

After speaking, he directly hung up the phone, grabbed the car keys on the table and left.

On the other side, at the C*cktail party.

Mu Wanxian had been waiting for Feng Shenye to arrive, but was late in waiting for someone, and the smile on her face gradually became far-fetched.

The old man looked at it and advised, “Maybe there is something going on at the company and it is delayed, go and give him a call.”

Naturally, Mu Wanxian agreed.

She took her mobile phone and walked to the side to make a call.

With a beep, the call was answered.

“Shen Ye, haven’t you finished yet, the C*cktail party has already started, when can you come over?”

Mu Wanxian asked with great expectation, but unexpectedly, the person who answered the phone was not Feng Shenye at all.

Xu Yan’s polite voice came out from the other end of the phone, “Miss Mu, I’m sorry, the young master is sick with a fever, our president can’t go to the reception.”

After finishing his words, he simply hung up the phone.

Mu Wanxian stood in place with the phone in her hand, her face was not good.

She certainly did not believe Xu Yan’s words and felt that this was an excuse made by Feng Shenye.

Back at the venue, the old man noticed that her face was not quite right and frowned slightly as he inquired, “Did Shen Ye say when he was coming?”

“Shenye said that Bao’er has a fever and won’t be coming.”

Mu Wanxian did not hide it, and her tone was lost.

When the old man heard this, he was unsurprisingly angry.

He and Mu Wanxian had actually thought of the same thing and felt that Feng Shenye was deliberately making excuses not to come.

Later in the evening, the C*cktail party ended.

With a cold face, the old master got into the car and ordered, “Go to Di Jing Lan Yuan.”

All along the way, his face did not look good.

When he arrived, Uncle Chen was a little surprised to see the old master and hurriedly went upstairs to inform Feng Shenye.

“Young master, the old master is here.”

Feng Shenye frowned slightly, already guessing in his heart the purpose of the old master coming over.

When he came downstairs, he saw the old master sitting on the sofa, angry, and asked knowingly, “What brings you here?”

“Why do you think I came, I asked you to go to Wanxian’s reception, why didn’t you go?”

When the old man saw Feng Shenye, he immediately lectured without a good face.

Feng Shenye’s eyes were slightly cold as he explained, “Bao’er is sick and I have to stay home to take care of him.”

“Don’t use Bao’er as an excuse, do you think I don’t know about Bao’er’s condition?”

The old man did not believe Feng Shenye’s words at all.

Feng Shenye’s aura around him also instantly sank colder, and his tone also became somewhat harsh, “Is it necessary for me to lie about such things?”

When the old man saw this, he hesitated a little.

At this time, Uncle Chen beside him also probably understood what was going on, and hurriedly stepped forward to speak for his young master, “Master, young master really didn’t lie, young master did have a fever, you can’t blame young master.”

The old master looked puzzled, his tone was one of unconcealed concern.

“What’s going on, everything was fine before, why did he suddenly fall ill?”

“The doctor said that it should be from the cold.”

“I thought the heating was on in the house, how could it still be cold to Bao’er? How on earth are you taking care of Bao’er?”

The old man was instantly and uncharitably scolded.

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