Always Been Yours Chapter 806

“I need to call and see if the other side will let us come over.”

“That’s a given.”

The magazine staff understood and gave Wenshiyu time to call.

Veblen received the call and knew what Wen Shiyu was up to, so naturally, he agreed.

This was a great opportunity to promote their restaurant.

That evening, the group arrived at the restaurant.

There were quite a few old diners on the scene who knew Wen Shiyu, and each one of them praised Wen Shiyu to the hilt.


The next day, all the major magazines in Vienna and entertainment headlines were occupied by Wen Shiyu, and even more positive reviews.

The name of the ‘Heavenly Girl’ violinist musician has even put her on the map.

In China, Feng Shenye also knew all about Wen Shiyu’s life path and knew that Wen Shiyu had been interviewed by a magazine yesterday.

He took out his mobile phone and called Uncle Chen, “Uncle Chen, young lady was interviewed by a magazine yesterday, you keep an eye on the domestic magazines for me, if they are released and related to young lady, make sure to buy them for me at the first time, I want to be the first to collect these magazines.”

“Young Master, don’t worry, I’ll send someone to keep an eye on it.”

Uncle Chen nodded his head and took orders.

Feng Shenye hung up the phone, still a little uneasy, and called Xu Yan to give some more instructions.

In the blink of an eye, it was time for Mu Wanxian’s opening reception.

At the reception, guests were gathered and mingled.

Everyone was talking and laughing, and there was a peaceful atmosphere.

At this time, another person came in at the door, immediately causing the crowd to clamour in surprise.

“Surprisingly, it’s Elder Feng, it seems the rumours are true.”

“I really didn’t expect Elder Feng to really come, what exactly is the origin of this Mu Wanxian that she could invite Elder Feng.”

“Not sure, I heard that she only appeared in South City recently and is very close to the Feng family.”

Everyone was talking about it.

When Mu Wanxian saw the old man, she greeted him attentively, “Grandpa Feng, you’re here.”

Tonight she wore a custom-made version of a deep V suit dress with wide trousers and high heels, full of aura without losing her femininity.

When the old man saw such a Mu Wanxian, his eyes were full of love, thinking that this was what his granddaughter-in-law should look like.

The smile on Mu Wanxian’s face became even more genuine as she seemed to sense the old man’s satisfaction with her.

She took the initiative to lead the old man around the venue, chatting about the company’s future plans.

As the others watched the two interact, they became even more curious about Mu Wanxian’s identity.

After all, they had never seen the old man being so amiable and affectionate to anyone outside.

Although they were puzzled, it did not stop them from going up to greet the old man.

Whenever this happened, Mu Wanxian stood quietly by the old man’s side, leaving the main scene to him.

Of course there were also people who asked about Mu Wanxian’s identity.

Faced with the curiosity of the crowd, the old master was happy to introduce himself, “This is the granddaughter of my long-time friend, who has returned to China to develop here and asked me to take care of her for a while.”

Although he said this, everyone could hear how close the old man was to Mu Wanxian.

For a while, a number of people thought the wrong way, thinking that this was most likely the granddaughter-in-law the old man had taken a fancy to.

If not, even if she was the granddaughter of a family friend, she would not be so close.

The others who felt they had guessed what was in the old man’s mind were also much more eager to treat Mu Wanxian.

Of course, Mu Wanxian sensed that the others might have misunderstood something, but she felt that this was fine.

Later in the evening, the reception guests were almost there, but Feng Shenye was late to appear.

Shen Ye …… wouldn’t be coming, would he?

With this thought, Mu Wanxian looked out frequently, hoping to see the figure she was expecting.

Unfortunately, she looked through the autumn water, but did not expect Feng Shenye to come.

And her movements did not hide from the old man.

“Expecting Shen Ye to come?”

The old man’s mouth held a loving smile as he looked at Mu Wanxian flirtatiously, “Don’t worry, if that brat dares not come, I will teach him a lesson for you.”

Mu Wanxian’s cheeks tinged with red clouds as she was teased.

“Grandpa Feng!”

She blushed and stomped her foot lightly.

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