Always Been Yours Chapter 822

Sister looked at Wen Shiyu with an accommodating gaze and persuaded, “Although I don’t know what’s happening to you, if you go on like this, it will only make people who care about you worry about you more, and you’re not only torturing yourself, but also torturing others, and I think it’s not worth it.”

Yes, it wasn’t her fault, so why did she have to punish herself with other people’s mistakes?

Wen Shiyu wore a dazed expression and thought it all through at once.

Just when she wanted to be grateful to the nun for her enlightenment, she found that the nun had left at some point, and Feng Shenye was standing not far away, gazing at herself with deep affection.

At this moment, what else did she not understand.

That nun must have been the one Feng Shenye had found just now.

For a moment, her mind drifted back to the past two days, and she was touched by the knowledge that Feng Shenye was trying to untie her heart and relax her.

How could she bear to let him worry any longer about such a man who was so thoughtful and attentive to her?

At that moment, she jogged over and hugged Feng Shenye tightly around his waist, her voice choked with a few sobs, “Let’s go home, I miss Bao’er.”

“Good. Let’s go home.”

Feng Shenye wrapped his arms around Wen Shiyu and left the Notre Dame directly, then went to the airport.

It was a ten hour flight.

When they returned home, it was already the next day.

When little Bao’er saw Wen Shiyu, he immediately trotted over in surprise and gently held the person in his arms, being so well behaved.

Because before Daddy came back, he had specially called him to say that Mommy was in a bad mood and told him to behave himself, so he hugged Mommy and said quite understandingly, “Welcome home Mommy.”

Looking at the little one’s bright smile, Wen Shiyu felt healed and her mood improved.

That evening, Wen Jingchen also found out about what was going on over in Vienna and made it a point to come over to keep his sister company.

Because there was him and little Bao’er cooperating every day with all sorts of shenanigans, coaxing Wen Shiyu to be happy.

The gloom that had been in Wen Shiyu’s heart for days was gradually replaced by happiness, and the smile on her face grew day by day.

When Feng Shenye saw this, he put his heart down completely.

The day after Wen Shiyu returned to China, Kathleen’s funeral was also held in Vienna.

The funeral was a grand affair, with countless people coming to pay their respects, and many media outlets also reported the event in real time.

Famous violinist Kathleen’s death

A look back at Kathleen’s past achievements

Numerous press releases remembered Kathleen.

Internet users and her fans have also left messages.

“Kathleen, have a good trip, we won’t forget you.”

Because of Kathleen’s fame, the incident was also reported in China.

Wen Shiyu saw the news at home and was stunned.

She reacted and looked at Kathleen’s posthumous photo on the TV and silently recited, “Have a good trip.”


That afternoon, near the end of the day, Xu Yan knocked on the door and walked into the office, reporting, “President, Miss Mu Wanxian is here.”

“Why is she here again?”

The impatience in Feng Shenye’s eyes was obvious, but even so, he still told Xu Yan to bring her in.

Mu Wanxian didn’t know this, she was walking gracefully beside Xu Yan on her high heels, looking in a good mood.

Ever since she knew that Feng Shenye had returned from abroad, she had often taken the opportunity to run to Feng’s Group during this period of time on work-related matters.

When she entered the office, she was immediately attracted to the handsome man at the desk, who was dripping with asceticism, and the adoration under her eyes could barely be hidden.

“Shen Ye ……”

She greeted with a light smile.

Feng Shenye nodded indifferently, with a businesslike and distant attitude, “Something wrong?”

In response, Mu Wanxian was a little uncomfortable, but she was used to it.

Her face remained unchanged as she took out a document and handed it over, smiling, “The contract you asked to be revised two days ago, I had it done, take a look.”

Feng Shenye nodded and looked down at it.

Later in the evening, after talking about business matters, Mu Wanxian was about to invite Feng Shenye to have dinner with her, when Feng Shenye’s mobile phone on the table rang.

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