Always Been Yours Chapter 823

She pretended to take an inadvertent glance and found that it was Wen Shiyu calling.

Feng Shenye did not notice Mu Wanxian’s movements and picked up the phone with a gentle expression.

“What’s up?”

“I want to ask you what you want to eat tonight, I want to cook tonight.”

Wen Shiyu’s light and cheerful voice came out from the phone.

The corners of Feng Shenye’s lips hooked slightly, and words of love too gentle to be spoken came out of his throat, “As long as it’s something you make, I like it all.”

Mu Wanxian looked at the man in front of her in a daze, as if she didn’t know him.

Because she had never seen such a gentle man before, for a moment, she was jealous of Wen Shiyu.

On the other side, Feng Shenye had already hung up the phone.

He looked at Mu Wanxian who was still standing in the same place, and his brows frowned slightly, “Do you still have something to do?”

The implication was that if there was nothing, then leave.

Naturally, Mu Wanxian also heard it and felt very bad in her heart.

Especially the indifference on the man’s face, she couldn’t help but ask herself in her heart, was she that inferior to that woman Wen Shiyu?

Leaving Feng’s group, Mu Wanxian got into the car and could not help but have a doubt in her heart.

Why did Wen Shiyu suddenly go back to China for no reason at all?

“Could it be that something has happened?”

She murmured in a small voice.

When she returned home, she immediately asked someone to investigate Wen Shiyu.

At midnight that day, she received the information from her men and was surprised.

“Surprisingly, he was released from his contract by the orchestra, and a human life was involved, no wonder he couldn’t stay abroad anymore.”

After reading the information, Mu Wanxian’s eyes shone with a brilliant light.

She felt that she could make good use of this matter.

The following day, Mu Wanxian went to the Feng family’s old mansion to visit the old man, full of calculations and carrying nutritional products.

As soon as she entered, she saw the old man sitting on the sofa and said delicately, “Grandpa Feng, I’ve come to see you.”

“Didn’t I say that you don’t need to bring so many things when you come to see me.”

Although he said so, the old man’s fondness increased a lot in his heart when he saw such a well-behaved and understanding Mu Wanxian.

He greeted Mu Wanxian cordially and took his seat, then said with concern, “How has your company been running recently?”

“With the help of Shen Ye and Second Younger, everything is going well.”

Mu Wanxian spoke generally about the company’s operations.

The old man nodded his head and praised, “Not bad, you are very capable.”

“Grandpa Feng has praised you, compared to Shen Ye and Second Younger, I’m still far from it.”

Mu Wanxian spoke tactfully, holding up Feng Shenye without leaving a trace.

After all, elders liked to hear people praise their own children.

After the two of them chatted for a while, Mu Wanxian intentionally shifted the topic towards Wen Shiyu.

“Grandpa Feng, I’ve heard that a girl has recently taken up residence in Shen Ye’s house, and I’m a little worried that Shen Ye has been cheated.”

Hearing these words, the old man already knew who the girl Mu Wanxian was talking about was.

But what made him care was Mu Wanxian’s last sentence.

His face flushed with awe as he enquired, “Why do you think Shen Ye will be deceived?”

“It’s like this, I unintentionally saw that girl and somehow felt familiar, so I went back and looked it up, but I didn’t expect that girl to have killed someone abroad, and I heard that her character was also questionable.”

Mu Wanxian told the old man about the information she had found out, adding oil and vinegar to it and deliberately misinterpreting the original story.

After hearing this, the old man’s eyes sank and his face was not too good.

At the beginning, he had said that Wen Shiyu was not the right woman for Shen Ye, but Shen Ye had followed his demons and insisted on marrying that woman!

Now that woman has done such a thing, she still has the face to stay by Shen Ye’s side, does she want to ruin Shen Ye?

When Mu Wanxian felt the anger emanating from the old man’s body, her bright red lips rose slightly in triumph.

She knew that she had achieved her goal.

Later in the evening, when the old master sent Mu Wanxian away, he called for Housekeeper He and instructed, “If you are free, go and find Wen Shiyu for a visit.”

He Butler looked at the unresolved anger on the old master’s face and vaguely guessed what the old master wanted to do.

“Wouldn’t that be a good idea, and it’s only Miss Mu’s side of the story, if the young master knew about it, he would definitely be angry.”

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