Always Been Yours Chapter 824

He had actually heard the conversation between the two just now.

But he felt that Miss Wen did not look like the kind of person that Mu Wanxian had described.

The old man did not know what Butler He was thinking.

He snorted coldly, “So what if you’re angry, I didn’t think much of that woman in the first place, plus I believe in Wanxian and wouldn’t say this for no reason.”

Housekeeper He was speechless.

The old master continued, “Since she had such a scandal, I will never allow her to affect Shen Ye, or even the whole Feng family, so there are some things that should be dealt with, lest they become hidden dangers if they drag on.”

Looking at the old man, who had already made up his mind, Butler He knew that he could not persuade him, so he nodded helplessly and took orders.

That afternoon, he called Wen Shiyu while the young master was still at work.

“Miss Wen, this is Butler He from the old mansion, the young master wants to see you for a moment.”


In Di Jing Lan Yuan, Wen Shiyu froze when she heard He’s housekeeper’s words.

Because she didn’t expect that the old master would suddenly look for her.

“Is it a meeting now?”

“Yes, Miss Wen should come as soon as possible.”

“I know.”

Hanging up the phone, Wen Shiyu was vaguely a little uneasy.

She didn’t know why the old man would suddenly want to see himself.

For a while, she had a lot of thoughts inside her, but she still went to the old mansion.

When she entered the living room, Wen Shiyu saw the old man sitting on the sofa with a serious face, his body was full of the majesty of a long time in the top position, which made people feel scared.

Even so, she still went forward and called out to the person in a good manner, “Grandpa ……”

The old man lifted his eyes and looked at the girl in front of him.

Because she wanted to meet the old man, Wen Shiyu purposely dressed up when she went out.

The light and elegant makeup, paired with the kind of bookish aura unique to her body and the serene aura, made people unconsciously soothed.

Naturally, the old man had noticed this phenomenon.

And what surprised him even more was that this time when he saw Wen Shiyu, he felt that the girl seemed to have become a little different.

Even so, what should be said he still had to say.

Thinking, he greeted Wen Shiyu and sat down, saying straightforwardly, “This time, I called you over because I hope you can take the initiative to divorce Shen Ye.”

Wen Shiyu’s heart sank, with the thought that this was indeed the case.


She pursed her lips and looked straight at the old man.

The old master said frankly, “Although the things you did abroad, Shen Ye has already helped you hide them, but there is a wall that doesn’t leak in this world after all, I know all about it.”

Wen Shiyu frowned, thinking that the old man knew about her termination of contract with the orchestra and was somewhat unconvinced.

“Even if you know that I broke my contract with the orchestra, that doesn’t affect me and Shen Ye being together, right?”

“Apart from that, you have also killed people and have problems with your character, and these will be an indelible stain on your life, our Feng family, cannot have and will never allow such a stain to exist!”

The old man spoke with unusual gravity.

Wen Shiyu was struck by lightning and her face went white.

She had never thought that the old man would think that she had caused Kathleen’s death!

She gritted her teeth and said, “Grandpa, have you ever understood what happened? What makes you think I did it? Do I look like I could have killed someone?”

“I have never believed in anything but a slap on the wrist.”

The old man blocked back with a cold expression, “Besides, if it really had nothing to do with you, why were you dismissed from the band?”

Wen Shiyu bit her lower lip with difficulty, unable to find the words to retort for a while.

She didn’t deny that Kathleen’s death was indirectly related to her, but it wasn’t her fault.

Kathleen had done something wrong but couldn’t bear the punishment for doing it, then she could only be blamed for being too paranoid in character, no one else could be blamed.

Of course people die, it’s not nice to say that, but it’s true!

And the reason she terminated her contract with the band was because she wanted to get along with her teacher.

The old man didn’t know this.

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