Always Been Yours Chapter 826

“Grandpa, I know you don’t approve of me now, but that doesn’t mean you won’t approve of me in the future, I admit that I’m not on equal footing with Shen Ye now, but I will stand on top of this world with my own abilities and let everyone see that I exist! I will also definitely become someone who is good enough to deserve Shen Ye!”

After finishing her words, she bowed politely, not caring what look the old man had, and turned to stride away.

In the luxurious living room, the old man sat alone on the sofa, while the words the girl had just said seemed to be still in his ears.

“I will definitely stand at the top of the world and become someone worthy enough to deserve Shen Ye.”

“Just because you don’t approve of me now doesn’t mean you won’t approve of me in the future, I will prove myself with my abilities!”

Thinking about the girl’s resilience, her refusal to give up, and her self confidence that she had just shown, the old man was inwardly greatly shocked.

Inexplicably, he felt that this girl, perhaps one day, could really succeed.

Even if this road was full of thorns, the girl would eventually overcome them and do what she had once said.

Thinking of this, the old man fell silent for a moment.

After coming out, Wen Shiyu’s originally straight back also instantly collapsed.

Those words just now had used up all her courage and strength.

After all, facing the old man, there was still pressure in her heart after all.

Of course, every word she said was true.

No matter how displeased the old man was with her, she would not give up easily, especially to Shen Ye!

As long as Shen Ye didn’t let go, she would never leave!

Thinking of this, it was as if she had been infused with new strength and felt energised.

“Come on, I can definitely do it!”

She cheered herself on as she walked towards the gate.

Only she had not taken a few steps when she saw an unexpected person at the gate.

Outside the door, Feng Shenye was standing by the car door in a black trench coat, smiling and gazing at Wen Shiyu with an uncharacteristically gentle expression.

“Shen Ye, why are you here?”

Wen Shiyu was stunned for a moment before she jogged over in surprise.

Feng Shenye was worried that she would fall and hurriedly went forward to pull the person to a stop, “I received news that grandpa wanted to see you and was worried that you were being bullied, so I rushed over.”

Wen Shiyu’s heart was sweet as she listened.

She tilted her small head, the corners of her mouth raised in a wide smile, and inquired, “Then why don’t you go inside when you’re here? It’s so cold standing outside.”

“I saw that you were doing quite well and didn’t need my help, so I didn’t go in and let you play freely.”

Feng Shenye looked down back at Wen Shiyu, and the deep emotion under his eyes seemed to drown people in it.

Wen Shiyu froze, knowing that ShenYe had come early and heard the conversation between himself and grandpa, just wondering how much he had heard.

“When did you come? How much of my conversation with grandpa did you overhear?”

“I didn’t eavesdrop, I was listening openly, it’s just that you guys were so engrossed in talking that you didn’t even notice me.”

Feng Shenye defended himself.

Wen Shiyu pressed again, “Then what did you hear?”

“I heard someone say that they would never fail me and would try to be a match for me and prove it to grandpa.”

As he said these words, Feng Shenye’s mind replayed the image he had just seen in the living room.

It was clear that at that time, his little wife was very afraid of grandpa, yet for his sake, she had gathered enough courage to confront him without backing down in the slightest, making him a soft mess inside.

Wen Shiyu fell a little blushing.

She didn’t expect that what she had said had been overheard by Feng Shenye.

Although she was embarra*sed, she couldn’t help but take the initiative to hug Feng Shenye and promised with a serious expression, “What I said is all true, no matter what, nothing can make me give up on you, unless you don’t want me, I will always stay with you all the time.”

“Fool, how could I not want you!”

Feng Shenye hugged Wen Shiyu back hard and said emotionally, “In this life, it’s my blessing to be able to meet you, fall in love and then get married.”

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