Always Been Yours Chapter 827

The old man also knew about Feng Shenye’s arrival later.

He sat in the living room, his eyes half-lidded as he looked through the window at the back of the two men leaving, and suddenly ordered, “Old He, have someone go to Vienna to check into this matter and find out if things are really as Wen Shiyu said.”

Butler He hesitated and persuaded, “Master, I think you should also trust the young master’s eyes, if Miss Wen is really that kind of person, how could the young master possibly look at her.”

“Go and check if you’re told to, where’s all the nonsense?”

The old master glared at Butler He with some displeasure.

Butler He snapped, and had no choice but to follow his orders.

On the other hand, Mu Wanxian knew that the old man had met Wen Shiyu because she had been following the matter.

But when the evening came, she found that both Wen Shiyu and the old man’s side were quiet, and the situation had not developed in the direction she expected, so she could not help but sink her heart slightly.

What exactly was this attitude of the old man, could it be that he had already accepted Wen Shiyu?

“Impossible, if Grandpa Feng has accepted that woman, how could he still allow me to go near Shen Ye.”

Mu Wanxian denied it without thinking, but there was still some uncertainty in her heart.

At this moment, she really wanted to go visit the old man again and pry for news in the meantime, but in the end she stopped herself sensibly.

Because if she went too diligently, with the old man’s keenness, he would definitely get some ideas, so she held back and planned to find the time after a while.


Vienna, after Kathleen’s scenic funeral, Hathaway also rejoined the orchestra.

At this time, her mental outlook was all bad, her whole body wasted out of shape, and even so, she was not able to rest.

Because all this time, she had been so busy with her daughter’s funeral that she had barely managed the orchestra, and many things in the orchestra had been forced to stop functioning, so she could not lose her career even after the loss of her daughter.

Entering her office, Hathaway let Blanche report on the orchestra’s situation.

“The biggest problem with the orchestra right now is that both groups have lost their lead violinists, and I think that’s the first thing to fix right now, as long as the lead violinists are in place for both orchestras, everything else can run as well.”

Blanche gave a general overview of the orchestra’s current situation.

Hathaway nodded slightly and ordered, “You go and inform everyone in the orchestra that there will be a meeting in ten minutes in the practice room of the group.”

Blanche nodded her head and took orders.

Ten minutes later, in the practice room of a group, everyone was exchanging whispers and talking.

“Do you guys think that the headmaster has called us together to select the chief violinist for both teams.”

“I suppose so, after all it’s the most important thing on the orchestra’s mind at the moment.”

“Then aren’t all of us going to have a chance.”

There were quite a few people who got excited.

But there were a few who sensibly felt that this selection of the principal violinist should not be as competitive as the previous competition.

After all, the orchestra needs to run and it can’t afford to be time consuming and tossed around.

And indeed it did.

Hathaway stood on the podium and said in a deep voice: “I think you all know in your hearts what the reason for calling you all together today is. Because of the previous incident, the orchestra has now stopped all performances, and in order to resume the orchestra’s operation as soon as possible, I have therefore decided that, regarding the two orchestra’s principal violinists, each of them will be promoted from the deputy principal violin, and so on, and the original second-line violin to fill the position of deputy principal violinist, and the third-line violinist to fill the second-line one.”

Hathaway’s announcement was greeted with joy by some and sorrow by others.

But Hathaway didn’t care about that, her most important task now was to get the orchestra up and running as soon as possible.

But even with the changes, the loss of the two outstanding principal violinists has caused Hathaway’s popularity to plummet, and there have been even fewer performances.

Many media outlets have been reporting on this and questioning it.

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