Always Been Yours Chapter 829

She then realised that where she was was not like a hospital or a prison and wondered, “Daddy, where am I?”

“This is the bas*ment under Daddy’s cottage, Daddy said that he would get you out.”

With those words, Lauryn stepped forward and helped Kathleen out of the crystal coffin.

Feet on the floor, Kathleen drifted off, gradually remembering the events leading up to the coma.

She remembered that two days before she had pa*sed out, Daddy had come to visit her in prison and had given her clothes and money with one in it.

Since her father had told her right away that she must take that pill, she didn’t think much of it and took it straight away that night, only for her to suffer from abdominal pain the next day, foaming at the mouth, and eventually lose consciousness.

“Daddy, what was that medicine you gave me? By the way, what’s my condition now?”

“It was a drug to fake your death, and now that you’ve been ruled a suicide, you’re all free from now on.”

Lauryn’s mouth held a smile as she explained generally, “From now on, there will be no more Cathleen in this world.”

“No more me?”

Cathleen was stunned, and had a vague suspicion in her mind.

Sure enough, the next second she saw her daddy smile and announce, “Yes, from now on you will no longer be Cathleen, your new identity, your name will be Susan.”

At this point, Lauryn paused and looked seriously a*sured, “Although this is a brand new identity, Daddy promises you that all the halo that belongs to you, Daddy will help you get it back again.”

Kathleen froze for a moment and then understood what Daddy meant.

Because it was a new identity, all her previous achievements were gone and she would need to start all over again.

Although she felt pity, she didn’t care, “This is good enough, anyway, a new identity is better than jail.”

Relieved to see his daughter accept his arrangement, Lauryn smiled, “Whatever you do from now on daddy will help you, daddy won’t let you suffer any more.”

Kathleen nodded her head.

No, now she should be called Susan.

Susan thought of what she had suffered in her cell all this time, and the man who had put her in such a sorry state, and her original joy at being reborn was immediately covered by hatred.

She said with a grimace on her face, “Daddy, that b*tch Wen Shiyu is still well, right?”

“She’s fine!”

Laurie En hated Wen Shiyu too.

If the b*tch hadn’t been unforgiving, his daughter wouldn’t have needed to cheat death and change her identity.

“She’s only good if she’s good.”

Susan half squinted her eyes, her eyes were terribly sinister, “Only if she is well, this debt, I can get it all back from her!”

Hearing her daughter’s words, Laurie knew what she intended to do and persuaded, “You can’t be too public now, the outside world is still in the news about you.”

Disappointed, Susan gritted her teeth and said, “Do I have to watch that b*tch Wen Shiyu have a better time than me?”

“Don’t worry for now, wait until you’ve spent some time with your new identity first, then daddy will definitely help you get your revenge.”

Laurie En knew that Susan was unwilling and comforted her, “Don’t worry, Daddy won’t let this b*tch have it easy.”

Hearing these words, Susan was barely calmed down.

At this point, Lauryn continued, “Besides, since you’ve changed your identity now, this face of yours can’t appear anymore in the future.”

“Daddy’s sending me to get a facelift?”

Susan frowned seemingly reluctantly.

Lauryn shook her head, “Plastic surgery is risky and I can’t bear the thought of you suffering this, so I’ve had disguised human skin masks prepared, made with the most cutting edge technology, so real that they seem to be as real as the real thing.”

Even so, Susan was not happy.

The thought that she would have to live with a mask in the future made her resent Wen Shiyu more and more inside.

It was all because of this b*tch that she couldn’t meet people with her real identity now!


Domestically, Wen Shiyu knew nothing about this.

After she had put little Bao’er to bed as usual, she went back to her room and cuddled up with Feng Shenye.


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