Always Been Yours Chapter 828

Can Hathaway’s new principal violinist take up the reins?

Will Hathaway be able to produce such outstanding violinists as Wen Shiyu and Kathleen again? And will the new principal violinist be able to rise quickly?

As soon as these news appeared, they drew a lot of attention from netizens.

“I think it’s going to be a while before Hathaway’s band can return to its former heyday.”

“It’s said that the principal violinists Hathaway picked out this time are all promoted from the sub positions, and I think they’re definitely not as good as the two in front of them when it comes to their skills.”

“All in all, every few years, Hathaway’s orchestra won’t be able to recover the same level as before.”

There was even a Kathleen fan boycott in the comments.

“Hathaway is really a good mother to our Kathleen, it’s only been a few days since Kathleen was buried and she can’t wait to pick someone to replace Kathleen.”

“We will not recognise a group of principal violinists other than Kathleen, the position will always be ours Kathleen.”

Also because of Kathleen’s fan boycott, things got a bit heated and Wen Shiyu learned about the orchestra’s personnel transfer back home.

After reading the news, she was in a surprisingly calm mood.

This matter could no longer affect her.

And she felt that this was a good life these days, a slow pace, being around the people she loved and her family, plain and happy.

All this time, her brother had also been enlightening her, telling her not to be anxious, and she was no longer anxious, intending to rest for a while.

On the day of the weekend, the family went out early in the morning because they had previously promised to accompany Little Treasure to the zoo.

On the way, little Bao’er was so happy.

“Mommy, later we will go to see the giraffe first, and then the big lion ……”

The little one boarded his fingers and excitedly planned their route once they arrived at the zoo.

Wen Shiyu naturally agreed with all kinds of doting.

Feng Shenye’s eyes glowed with softness as he watched the two interact gently.

When they arrived at the zoo, it was a weekend, so there were a few tourists.

Feng Shenye carefully guarded Wen Shiyu to avoid her others from bumping into her.

Little Bao’er also obediently let Wen Shiyu hold her.

The three of them had a great time and took many photos.

In the evening after dinner, they were in no hurry to go back.

They went to the cinema and watched an anime with little Bao’er before heading back home.

On the way back, the little one was still in good spirits, childishly discussing the anime movie with Wen Shiyu just now.

The sound of laughter, constantly coming out of the carriage.


Vienna, in Laurin’s villa.

After he finished his breakfast, he sent all the household servants out and then headed to the basement by himself.

Arriving in the basement, he stood in front of a wall and, not knowing what he pressed, saw that the wall suddenly opened and a pa*sage appeared.

Through the layers of verification, he walked to the room at the far end of the pa*sage.

In the room, brightly lit, a crystal coffin lay in the middle, and in it lay Cathleen, who was supposed to be buried!

Looking at his daughter in the crystal coffin, with her serene face, Laurin murmured softly, “From now on, Daddy will give you a new life, and you will be free.”

He lovingly smoothed the hair on his daughter’s cheeks before pulling out a bottle of potion from his body and pouring it directly into her mouth.

Once this was done, he wiped the water stains off his daughter’s mouth and stood quietly by, waiting for her to wake up.

Almost half an hour pa*sed before Kathleen, who had been sleeping, suddenly fluttered her eyelashes.

The next moment, she slowly opened her eyes, and seemed a little uncomfortable with the light in the room, using her hand to block the light, still a little confused about the situation in front of her.

At that moment, Daddy’s cheerful voice came to her ears, “Kathleen, you’re awake.”


Kathleen dropped her hand and was surprised to see her father standing to the side.

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