Always Been Yours Chapter 831

“It’s not really a big deal.”

Wen Shiyu hesitated and still told the story of Louis’ call, “Sofia is a very powerful violinist, although she is now retired, her influence in the industry is still very great.”

At this point, she deliberately paused and looked at Feng Shenye apprehensively, “Of course, if you don’t agree, I’ll reject Miss Louis later.”

Feng Shenye cried and laughed, “Where do you see me disagreeing?”

He said, pulling Wen Shiyu to sit on the edge of the bed and said in a serious tone, “I said that I will support you no matter what you want to do, so you can go ahead and realize your dream, don’t worry about anything else.”

“Shen Ye, you’re too kind!”

Wen Shiyu was so moved that she took the initiative to pounce on Feng Shenye and hug him.

The two of them cuddled up for a while and then fell asleep together.


The next morning, after breakfast, Wen Shiyu couldn’t wait to call Louis.

“I’ve thought it over, I’m going back to Vienna tomorrow.”

“That’s right.”

Louie’s tone was full of laughter.

The two then spoke for a while longer before hanging up the phone.

At the end of the evening, Little Boy was very upset to know that Wen Shiyu was going back to Vienna.

However, he knew that his mummy was going back to have business to attend to, so he was very understanding and did not make a fuss, but could not resist proposing to go along.

“Mommy, is it okay if Bao’er wants to stay with you?”

“Of course you can.”

Faced with such a well-behaved little one, Wen Shiyu could not refuse at all.

When she finished, her gentle eyes fell on Feng Shenye.

Although she didn’t say anything, Feng Shenye also read her eyes.

“Sorry, I can’t accompany you there this time, I can’t leave because of something on the company side.”

Can’t go ah ……

Although Wen Shiyu was disappointed, she quickly relieved herself, “It’s fine, you can go about your business first if you have business.”

“Great, I can have mommy all to myself.”

Little Bao’er cheered happily when she heard next to her that daddy wasn’t going.

Wen Shiyu was crying and laughing.

Feng Shenye was also speechless.

The next day, Wen Shiyu took Xiao Bao’er on a flight to Vienna.

Also travelling with them were the bodyguards Feng Shenye had sent to protect them.

Later on, Pei Xin Yi also found out about Wen Shiyu’s trip to Vienna.

She approached Feng Shenye with displeasure, “I heard that Wen Shiyu had taken Bao’er back to Vienna?”

Feng Shenye nodded slightly in response.

Pei Xin Yi looked and said with some anger, “Why do you still let Wen Shiyu run around at this time, I really don’t understand, why doesn’t she stay at home and give birth to the baby, what is she fooling around for?”

“I said, whatever she wants to do, let her do it, I won’t stop her from chasing her dreams.”

Feng Shenye looked straight at his mother with some displeasure, while also placing his stance very clearly.

When Pei Xin Yi heard this, she was so exasperated that she said, “How can you spoil someone like this, do you plan to spoil her to the point of spilling her head on you?”

“As long as she wants to, I am very willing.”

Feng Shenye had a doting face.

Pei Xin Yi was now so angry that she was completely speechless.

On the other hand, Wen Shiyu arrived in Vienna with Little Bao’er, intending to rest at the villa for a day and then go to see Louis the next day.

The next morning, after breakfast, Wen Shiyu took Xiao Bao’er to visit Louis.

In the living room, Louis looked up and down at Wen Shiyu.

Because she was going to meet Sofia today, Wen Shiyu had dressed up specially.

She was dressed in a beige tweed coat with a turtleneck jumper and jeans, keeping her warm and stylish.

Her palm-sized face was painted with light but delicate make-up, and her dark hair was tied in a ponytail behind her head, making her look full of energy and youth.

Louis looked at such a vibrant girl and nodded in satisfaction, “Originally I was worried that you would be unbearable and therefore in a poor state of mind and emotion, but now you seem to be doing quite well.”

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