Always Been Yours Chapter 832

“I’ve made you worry, I’m fine.”

Wen Shiyu could sense that Teacher Louie was genuinely concerned about her, so the smile on her face was extra wide.

Louis nodded his head and his gaze fell on Little Bao’er, who had been standing obediently and coquettishly next to him, and asked in confusion, “This is?”

“This is my son, Feng Mo Han, nicknamed Little Treasure.”

Wen Shiyu held little Bao’er and introduced him generously, then looked down and said softly to little Bao’er, “Bao’er, this is grandpa Louis.”

“Hello, Grandpa Louis.”

Little Bao’er called out in a milky voice, very well behaved.

Louis froze for a moment, obviously not expecting Wen Shiyu to have such a big son out of nowhere, but still smiled and praised, “This child is really good looking.”

Wen Shiyu smiled and thanked him, happier than if she had been complimented herself.

The two of them talked for a while longer before Louis suddenly said seriously, “Get ready, it’s almost time, I should take you to meet Sofia.”

An hour later, Wen Shiyu followed Louis to a beautiful estate in the suburbs.

The buildings around it were all in the Viennese art style.

In the luxurious and unpretentious living room, Wen Shiyu sat on the sofa slightly nervously.

Opposite her sat an elegant and reserved noblewoman.

Although the years had left indelible marks on her face, the glamour of her youth was still vaguely visible.

It was Sofia, a rather old-fashioned and stern person.

Her eyes were serious as she surveyed Wen Shiyu, nodding secretly in her mind.

Apparently her first impression of Wen Shiyu was quite good.

At this time, Louis, who was sitting next to her, smiled and introduced, “This is the good seedling I introduced to you, called Wen Shiyu.”

“Hello senior Sophia.”

Wen Shiyu called out politely.

Little Bao’er also followed closely behind her mummy and greeted nicely, “Hello, Grandma Sofia.”


Sofia’s gaze was soft as she responded to the little one.

After they exchanged a few pleasantries, Sofia turned to Wen Shiyu and said with a serious expression, “I wanted to meet you because Louis had repeatedly recommended you to me, saying that you were very talented, and because I have seen you perform and you are indeed an excellent violinist.”

Wen Shiyu also straightened her attitude and nodded solemnly, indicating that she understood.

Sofia looked at her composed attitude and her satisfaction rose a few more points in her heart.

Very well, if you are calm, then you should be patient too.

“Although I have Louis to speak for you, I am very picky about my students, so you will have to pa*s my test before I consider whether to accept you or not.”

“That’s natural.”

Wen Shiyu was not at all surprised by Sofia’s request.

She looked at Sofia, blinked her eyes and asked curiously, “I wonder how you want to test me?”

At her words, Sofia did not respond to Wen Shiyu immediately, but asked the maid to bring a pen and paper.

After she finished writing and drawing, she handed the paper to Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu took it and found that there were a few notes on it, and Sofia’s voice came to her ears once again.

“I have composed countless tunes in my life, so if you want to be my disciple, you must at least have the ability to do so.”

After she finished, she deliberately paused and observed Wen Shiyu’s expression before continuing, “As long as you compose a tune that satisfies me, I can consider taking you as my disciple, but of course, you only have one day, which means that tomorrow at this time, you have to give me a tune that satisfies me, can you do it?”

After hearing this, Wen Shiyu couldn’t help but take a breath backwards in her heart.

This test was not normally strict and harsh, to think that she only had one day to compose!

Even so, she would not hold back.

A strict teacher makes a good student, doesn’t he?

“I want to study under senior, so naturally I am prepared to accept senior’s test, so I accept this challenge, and by this time tomorrow, I will definitely hand senior a copy of the score.”

Looking at the girl in front of her, who was exuding confidence and courage, Sofia once again had a few good feelings in her heart and couldn’t help but ask some questions about Wen Shiyu’s current situation.


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