Always Been Yours Chapter 834

“Yes, we will leave when Mummy has finished eating, and later on the way, Mummy will give Bao’er a listen to the tune Mummy made last night.”

“Then won’t Bao’er be the first to hear the tune Mummy made?”

The little one was very happy.

Wen Shiyu was also willing to coax him.

When they got into the car later, little Bao’er couldn’t wait for Wen Shiyu to give him the tune.

Naturally, Wen Shiyu satisfied him and hummed the melody gently.

“Mummy, it’s so good.”

Little Bao’er gave applause with great enthusiasm.

Seeing the little one give so much face, Wen Shiyu’s original worries were reduced by half.

Soon, she arrived at Sofia’s estate with her little one.

When they entered the living room, she and Bao’er greeted Sofia politely.

Sofia looked at Wen Shiyu, who looked a little haggard, and knew that she must have been up all night, and for a moment her good feeling towards the girl increased.

It was a hardworking child.

“Have a seat.”

After greeting the two of them and taking their seats, she had the maid bring another gla*s of milk.

Because of this detail, Wen Shiyu’s good feeling towards Sofia also increased a lot.

After taking a sip of the milk, she handed over the tune she had composed, “Elder, see if you are still satisfied.”

Sofia nodded her head, took the score and began to look at it, but she did not expect it to give her a great surprise.

The tune that Wen Shiyu had composed was innovative in its own way, but it also incorporated the elements of cla*sical music, which was very refreshing.

Of course, this cannot be said that Wen Shiyu’s compositions are very good, but it can be seen that she still has a good foundation and has worked hard in this area.

Wen Shiyu did not know this.

She looked at Sofia who was silent for a long time, her mood was highly tense and she was worried that the tune she composed would not pa*s.

In the silence of the living room, Wen Shiyu looked at Sofia nervously and uneasily.

Even Xiao Bao’er beside her was nervous.

It was only after a long time that Sofia’s voice rang out in the living room, “It barely pa*ses.”

She put the score down and looked at Wen Shiyu calmly.

But don’t look at how blandly she said it, but in fact she had already identified Wen Shiyu in her heart.

This child was a worthy sculptor.

At these words, Wen Shiyu sighed with relief and revealed a smile.

Although it was just barely pa*sable, it was at least pa*sable.

Little Bao’er also understood and said joyfully, “I knew Mummy would be able to do it.”

Looking at the joyful mother and son, Sofia was a little reluctant to spoil it, but the test didn’t end there.

“Don’t be too happy, the tune is barely pa*sable though, I still need to test your piano skills.”

“What other tests?”

Little Bao’er became nervous again.

Wen Shiyu, however, did not care and smiled, “Senior, feel free to test it.”

If she didn’t have much confidence in the music, but she believed in herself when it came to her zither skills.

Sofia also saw Wen Shiyu’s confidence and nodded in satisfaction, “Then you can try a song called ‘Dance of the Goblins’.”

The Goblin Dance is a masterpiece of the dazzling school and is also one of the most complicated pieces.

It is as the title suggests, requiring the performer to portray the dance of the elves with a furnace technique, sounding like a group of pixies dancing wildly with joy.

Although it is not a long piece, it contains many special and difficult techniques in violin playing.

On hearing this, Wen Shiyu calmly took out his violin.

In a short while, the living room was filled with the light and soulful sound of the violin.

Sofia closed her eyes and listened.

There was no denying that this child had a great talent for tone and was also very skilled on the violin.

After one song, Wen Shiyu played very steadily.

She put down her violin and looked at Sofia expectantly.

Sofia naturally knew that she was waiting for her evaluation, and did not mince words in praise, “The violin technique is indeed as Louis said, very superb, but-”

Hearing the senior’s pause, Wen Shiyu’s heart lifted.

Little Bao’er also looked at Sofia with bated breath.

“Your performance just now was undeniably wonderful, but there are still a few flaws.”

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