Always Been Yours Chapter 833

“I hear you’ve left the orchestra, do you practice your violin regularly at home?”

“Yes, every day I set aside four hours to practice my violin skills.”

Wen Shiyu answered truthfully.

Sofia asked some more questions and let Wen Shiyu go back.

On the way back, Louis originally wanted to encourage and encourage Wen Shiyu, but his personality made his words a little thorny.

“I’ve already offered you the opportunity and the word is out, don’t disgrace me or don’t say you know me when you go out.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you lose face.”

Wen Shiyu smiled and nodded, not caring about Louis’ tone of voice either.

It was because she knew that Louis’ character was like that.

Later in the evening, when she returned home, Little Treasure asked in a milky voice, “Mummy, are you going to do the tune now?”

“Yes it is, Mummy only has one day, so you have to hurry.”

Wen Shiyu patiently replied to Little Treasure.

The corners of Little Treasure’s mouth lifted up in a bright smile as she cheered for Wen Shiyu, “Then Mommy cheers, you can also ignore Bao’er, Bao’er promises not to disturb Mommy.”

Hearing these words, Wen Shiyu only felt that the little one was so nesting.

She rubbed the little one’s black hair and said gently, “How can Mommy leave Bao’er alone? Mommy needs Bao’er by her side so that Mommy can have more confidence to create a better song.”

“Really? Does Mummy really need Bao’er?”

Little Bao’er’s eyes were like stars as she looked at Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu nodded affirmatively, “Of course it’s true, Bao’er is my lucky star.”

Hearing this, the little one’s eyes squinted into crescents as he laughed.

After laughing and joking for a while, Wen Shiyu sank down and started creating.

Little Bao’er was also very well behaved, doing everything gently for fear of disturbing his mummy.

After dinner that evening, Feng Shenye called on the video.

He knew that Wen Shiyu was going to meet her future teacher today, so he asked about the situation with concern.

“How does that senior feel, is he good to get along with?”

“Pretty good.”

Wen Shiyu gave a general account of what had happened today, including the test Sofia had given her.

Looking at the fighting spirit on his little wife’s face, Feng Shenye’s eyes were too gentle for words.

“Then you do your best, I’ll wait for your good news.”

After a while of being mushy with Feng Shenye, Wen Shiyu hung up the phone to continue her struggle with the tune.

At this time, the wide desk was already covered with all kinds of information.

Wen Shiyu buried his head in the desk, writing and drawing, and his mouth was chanting the words.

“The melody here should go into an up-tempo, it feels better.”

“La la la la ……”

As she hummed the melody and composed, the time had unknowingly reached the middle of the night.

But at this point, Wen Shiyu still hadn’t made a tune that she was satisfied with.

She kept deleting and changing, trying out the melody with her violin.

Finally, after a sleepless night, she composed a piece to her satisfaction.

Even so, she was apprehensive.

Although she had, in the past, always tried to compose and her abilities had matured, she had never been tested by others.

Then again, she hadn’t been taught this before when she was studying with senior Hathaway, so she wasn’t sure if this piece would be good enough for senior Sofia.

With such worries, she lay on her bed and fell asleep without realizing it.


The next day at almost noon, Wen Shiyu woke up with a start.

She looked at the time and was relieved to see that she still had two hours to go before her appointment with Sofia.

Luckily, she hadn’t overslept.

She got up and washed up and went downstairs.

Downstairs, when Little Treasure saw Wen Shiyu, she immediately trotted over happily, “Mummy, you’re up, are you hungry?”

“I’m a little hungry, has Little Treasure eaten yet? Do you want to eat with mommy?”

Wen Shiyu smiled and looked at Little Treasure.

Little Bao’er naturally agreed.

During the meal, he was very concerned, “Mummy, have you made your tune yet? Are we going to meet Grandma Sofia later?”


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