Always Been Yours Chapter 849

The other members also spotted Wen Shiyu and whispered about it.

“Isn’t that Wen Shiyu?”

“Why is she here? And those people sitting around her look so familiar.”

“How dare this woman have the face to appear in Vienna?!”

“Oh my, the people sitting next to Wen Shiyu are actually senior Sofia and the famous composer Maestro Simon ……”

Some people recognized Sofia and the others and exclaimed in shock.

Also because of these voices, Hathaway noticed Wen Shiyu and froze in her tracks.

When she dropped her gaze on the few people beside Wen Shiyu, the surprise in her eyes intensified.

How could Wen Shiyu be with these seniors?

Although she was puzzled, she took the initiative to go over and greet the seniors out of courtesy.

“Long time no see, senior Sophia, senior Simon ……”

“Long time no see indeed, Hathaway.”

The bigwigs responded one after another.

Wen Shiyu also politely stood up and respectfully shouted, “Teacher Hathaway.”

Hathaway was stunned, as if she didn’t expect Wen Shiyu to call herself teacher.

She reacted and looked at Wen Shiyu with a complicated look, but still nodded and inquired, “Why are you here too?”

“I ……”

Wen Shiyu hesitated and still told the truth, “I have a new teacher, and I came to have dinner with my teacher today.”

Hearing this, to say that Hathaway’s heart was not sad, it was impossible.

But there were some things that could not go back to the way they were.

Rather, it was the rest of the orchestra who heard this and were upset.

“Finding a next family so quickly, this Wen Shiyu is really a white-eyed wolf.”

“If you ask me, the leader shouldn’t have been subjected to this white-eyed wolf in the first place, if it wasn’t for her, Kathleen wouldn’t have died and our orchestra wouldn’t be in the situation we are in today.”

“I say enough of you, what happened to Kathleen had nothing to do with Tokiya at all.”

Mona couldn’t help but speak up for her best friend.

And this side of the argument, Hathaway had no idea.

After she had eased her emotions, with a concerned tone, she inquired, “I wonder if your teacher is?”

At this point Sofia said indifferently, “Tokiya is now my student and I brought her here today to meet my friend.”

At these words, Hathaway was quite surprised.

Wen Shiyu had actually become Sophia’s student.

The other members of Hathaway’s band also heard this and were stunned.

Cindy, in particular, was staring at Wen Shiyu with eyes full of jealousy and ill-will.

This white-eyed wolf, she had worshipped this big man as her teacher, who was she to do so?

And this malice filled sight, of course Wen Shiyu was aware of it, but just ignored it.

Because at this time, Hathaway spoke to her.

“Senior Sofia is one of the greats in the music industry, you have a lot to gain from studying under her, I hope you can have a bright future ahead.”

With these words, Hathaway truly wished her well.

In fact, she felt guilty for breaking up with Wen Shiyu.

She knew that Wen Shiyu was innocent, but she just couldn’t get over that hurdle in her heart.

Wen Shiyu could also sense Hathaway’s emotions and said with a light smile, “Thank you, you take care too.”

After exchanging pleasantries, Hathaway quickly left.

Wen Shiyu resumed her seat, her emotions still more or less up and down.

Sofia could see this and patted her on the shoulder, rea*suring her, “The past is in the past, look to the future, that’s what you should do now. As for this girl Kathleen, I’ve met her before, arrogant and selfish.”

She paused and said in a serious tone, “I have also understood the inside story, her death has nothing to do with you, you don’t need to feel guilty.”

Wen Shiyu was a little taken aback.

She didn’t expect that her teacher had already known about these things.

At this time, the others echoed in persuading Wen Shiyu.

“We’ve heard about Kathleen’s incident, it has nothing to do with you, so just calm down now, follow your teacher and study hard, and in the future, use your good grades to smack those people who don’t think highly of you in the face.”

At first, Kathleen’s case was a big deal in Vienna.


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