Always Been Yours Chapter 850

It can be said that anyone who is in the circle knows what is going on.

And therefore, they did not feel that there was anything wrong with Wen Shiyu in this matter.

Little Bao’er didn’t understand much, but he knew one thing.

It turned out that Mummy changed teachers because Grandma Hathaway didn’t want Mummy anymore.

“Mummy, don’t be unhappy, we will become better in the future and make those who don’t want you regret it.”

He persuaded Wen Shiyu as a human child, with a cute look.

Wen Shiyu’s heart warmed as she listened.

The others were also amused by little Bao’er.

The atmosphere returned to the previous lively one.

Compared to their side, Hathaway’s side was much more depressing.

Everyone could sense that Hathaway was not in the best of moods when she returned.

But even so, Hathaway managed to gather her spirits and greet the group with a meal.

During the meal, Cindy watched from afar as Wen Shiyu got along well with the bigwigs and was jealous.

“This young grandmother of the gentry is different, she’s only been away from us for a few days and she’s already climbed the ladder in a flash, she’s really something.”

She mocked grimly, but her eyes were watching Hathaway’s expression.

Hathaway didn’t say anything, though she frowned.

In fact, she didn’t want to talk about Winsome, lest she be reminded of the sadness again.

But Cindy misunderstood and thought that the headmistress was also uncomfortable with Wen Shiyu, and as if she was inspired to do so, she denigrated Wen Shiyu.

“If you ask me, this Wen Shiyu is really shameless, he has put our Hathaway band in such a bad way, and he doesn’t have any psychological burden at all.”

“No, she turned around and found a high branch, shamelessly, her existence is simply an insult to the nobility of music.”

“Do you guys think that it could be that Wen Shiyu deceived Senior Sofia?”

“Definitely deceived, otherwise after what happened like that, how could Senior Sofia accept such a person of questionable character.”

The other members were also red-eyed at Wen Shiyu, each one speculating on him with the most vicious thoughts.

As if that would make them feel better.

As Cindy listened to the crowd’s disparaging remarks about Wen Shiyu, although she felt happy, her heart was still sour.

After all, no matter what they said, it was an undisputed fact that Wen Shiyu had worshipped Big Brother as her teacher.

And she was even more puzzled that she was clearly no worse than Wen Shiyu, yet she was only now rising up to be the chief.

But what about Wen Shiyu, who was first accepted by Hathaway as her student, and now by Sophia, a former titan of the music industry, as her love pupil, surrounded by a bunch of musicians who are as famous as they are.

She was so jealous!

Mona was furious as she listened to the denigration of Wen Shiyu by the group members around her.

She was especially upset with Cindy, who was picking on things.

“I say enough of you, if you’re jealous of someone, then speak openly with your strength, it’s not too humiliating to talk badly about someone behind their back.”

She glared at the badmouthing group members with fire in her eyes, her eyes finally resting on Cindy, mockingly saying, “Shiyu is talented and has a good personality, that’s why she is favoured by the teachers, these days, talent is everything, unlike some people who are not capable themselves and don’t know to look for their own problems, just know to stare at others sourly.”

Cindy couldn’t tell that this was directed at her, so she was furious and chided, “Who are you calling sour?”

“Whoever squeals and says more things in a sour way is sour.”

Mona wasn’t afraid and disliked her back with a hardened voice.

Cindy was outright furious, and even more embarra*sed to have her hidden mind revealed.

“Who are you to dare talk to me like that?”

She paused, as if she thought of something, and sneered, “I almost forgot, before when Wen Shiyu was here, you were like a dog’s leg, saddling up to Wen Shiyu, tsk, now that he is no longer here, you should stop acting, I look disgusted, and Wen Shiyu can’t see it either.”

“Who’s acting, I’m not acting!”

Mona retorted with an ugly look on her face.


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