Always Been Yours Chapter 853

The building has five floors in total and covers a very large area, the surrounding greenery is also very exquisitely tended, and there is a musical fountain in front of the door, which is very magnificent.

Once inside, the receptionist lady was also very polite in asking, “Hello, what can I do for you?”

“I have an appointment to audition for the lead violinist of the Sixth Regiment, my name is Susan and you should be registered.”

Susan introduced herself with a very harmless looking smile on her face.

This, coupled with her exquisite appearance, endeared her to the receptionist, “Just a moment, I need to check.”

Susan nodded her head.

It didn’t take long for the receptionist to check Susan’s appointment registration and smiled, “The interview is in the office on the fourth floor, you come with me.”

In the corridor, Susan followed the receptionist, as if chatting idly, and inadvertently mentioned, “I don’t know if Master Sofia is here today, I’m a fan of hers, it would be great if I could meet her in person.”

The receptionist had actually heard such words countless times before.

After all, Sofia’s fans were all over the world, and there were often musicians who came here in the hope of meeting Sofia in person.

However, she had a pretty good impression of Susan, so she took the initiative to chat, “Senior Sofia has now retired to the background, and unless it’s a big event, she usually rarely appears in the orchestra.”

Hearing this, Susan was disappointed.

It seemed that her attempt to get Sofia’s attention could only be put to rest for the time being.

Sofia, who was on Susan’s mind, was now focused on the teaching of Wen Shiyu and Xiao Bao’er.

The two of them are learning with great dedication, surprising Sofia every time.

As a result, the teaching time, which had already been extended, was extended again.

When Feng Shenye found out about this phenomenon, he was happy for Wen Shiyu and her mother and son, but he also felt sorry for the two of them as they studied hard.

Wen Shiyu also knew that he was worried about himself and said soothingly, “Don’t worry, I have a sense of proportion, and although we are studying heavily, our teachers are still taking good care of us.”

“Daddy, just don’t worry, I’ll take care of Mummy.”

Little Bao’er was also beside her to help persuade.

For the next while, Wen Shiyu and Xiao Bao’er showed such talent that Sofia was itching for the two to learn her life’s work immediately.

Although she couldn’t wait to see them follow in her footsteps, she knew that she had to eat one bite at a time.

In response, she became increasingly harsh and demanding, even to the point of being outrageous.

After all, Wen Shiyu had experienced such intense training, so she could get used to it.

But it was the little treasure who suffered.

There were several times when the little one cried.

Even so, the little one gritted his teeth and persevered.

Such perseverance shocked Sofia.

During the break, she even complimented Wen Shiyu, “Bao’er is a tough kid, just like you, as long as he persists, his future achievements will definitely be extraordinary.”

After hearing this, Wen Shiyu was very happy, even happier than being praised herself.

After all, every parent would like to hear their child being praised.

The days went by like this.

Wen Shiyu and Xiao Bao’er also had a very adequate life.

Apart from teaching mother and son, Sofia also met her friends for tea and shopping in her spare time.

During this period, Wen Shiyu never mentioned that she wanted to visit the orchestra or anything, and only focused on her studies.

In the blink of an eye, two more days pa*sed.

During the break this day, Sofia suddenly beckoned to Wen Shiyu, “Let’s talk.”

“What does teacher want to talk about?”

Although Wen Shiyu was puzzled, she still walked to Sofia’s side in a good manner.

Sofia tried, “All this time, you’ve been studying beside me, do you miss the feeling of being on stage? Or want to be in the orchestra?”

Wen Shiyu blinked and probably guessed what her teacher wanted to say.

She smiled and said, “It would be a lie to say that I don’t miss the stage, but I’m not in a hurry, I just want to sculpt myself well now, because I believe that as long as I’m good at what I do, no matter where I go, I will shine.”


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