Always Been Yours Chapter 852

“Some time ago, Wen Shiyu came back from X and took Sophia as her teacher, and I heard that even the famous composer Simon is planning to teach her.”

There was a ‘squeak’ and a harsh sound rang out from the cutlery in Susan’s hand.

“Is Sofia blind? I can’t believe I took this woman!”

She scolded with a grim look on her face, gritting her teeth.

D*mn, this Wen Shiyu was really lucky to have lost her status as a Hathaway student and turned her head to hitch a ride with the industry titan.

She didn’t even need to look, she could guess that Wen Shiyu must be very prosperous now.

When compared to herself, who not only had to live with a mask, but would also have to live in anonymity in the future, her hatred was overwhelming.

Why, how could this b*tch Wen Shiyu be better off than her?

Laurie En knew that Susan was now very unbalanced in her heart, in fact he did not expect Wen Shiyu to have such a great creation.

But so what if he worshipped Sophia, what he owed them as father and daughter, he would definitely make Wen Shiyu pay for it.

Thinking, he persuaded, “Susan, you don’t have to care, daddy will definitely make you better than her.”

Yet Susan simply could not listen.

Her gaze burned into Laurin, an idea already in her mind, “Didn’t you ask me what my plans were? I’ve decided, I’m going to get into Sophia’s orchestra.”

The orchestra under Sophia’s name was a world cla*s renowned orchestra, of which it was divided into five groups, whose size was much larger than Hathaway’s.

“Before the accident, I heard that Sophia’s orchestra was preparing to form a sixth orchestra, and it was Sophia’s youngest student Karen who led the orchestra, this person is now also a world-famous musician, if I can get into the orchestra one step ahead of Wen Shiyu, become the chief, and have a good relationship with these people, it will be very helpful to me in the future, whether it’s revenge against Wen Shiyu, or development. ”

Susan’s well-reasoned analysis exuded an air of imperative determination.

After hearing Susan’s words, Laurie En was stunned for a moment.

After reacting, he was surprised, “You’re not going back to Hathaway’s band?”

“Why should I go back?”

Susan stared back at her father, her eyes cold.

Lauryn frowned slightly, “But that’s your mother ……”

“I don’t have a mother!”

Without waiting for Lauryn to finish, Susan interrupted coldly, sneering, “From the moment I changed my identity, there will never be a mother in this world for Hathaway.”

Looking at his daughter, who looked determined, Laurieen knew that she hated Hathaway.

Of course he understood his daughter’s feelings.

After all, there were things he felt Hathaway had done wrong.

But now that Hathaway had known her mistake and had even gone so far as to expel Wen Shiyu from the group, he couldn’t help but want to help say a few words.

“Don’t you say that, your mother still loves you.”

“Heh, she does love me quite a bit, her love is helping the Bikers bully me and then claiming it’s for my own good.”

With a grim expression and eyes as resentful as anything, Susan said sarcastically, “Daddy, don’t you ever say that to me again, it sounds sarcastic to me.”

Seeing this, Laurin knew that no matter what he said, Susan wouldn’t listen, so he let it go.

After all, he didn’t want to get into trouble with his daughter over the matter.

“OK, let’s not talk about these unpleasant things, let’s talk about your entry into Sofia’s band, do you have any charter?”

At these words, Susan’s expression eased a little and spoke out the plan in her mind, “I plan to audition for Sophia’s orchestra first, of course, it would be best if I could meet Sophia herself, I believe that with my ability I can definitely catch her attention and I will strive to become her student.”

In short, she was going to ruin everything for Wenshiyu!

Lauryn, of course, guessed her intentions and nodded, “Since you have an idea, then don’t worry about it, whatever you want to do, Daddy will support you.”

With that, the next day, Susan went to audition for the Sophia Orchestra with her audition materials.

The Sophia Orchestra is located next to the Danube in Vienna, a vintage building with a Viennese artistic style.

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