Always Been Yours Chapter 864

Soon the training room resounded with cascading, light-hearted melodies.

Each member of the Sixth Regiment, too, brought their best to the table, showing everyone the proven effects of their entire team training over this period of time.

As the melody became more and more aggressive, every listener in the audience was blown away by the imposing performance in front of them.

Wen Shiyu stood at the very centre of the stage, she did not play immediately, but instead drove her violin and pulled the strings only as the music entered the second theme.

As the music entered, the tune overflowed, beautifully, movingly, and quickly blended with the entire orchestra almost without a second’s notice.

On stage, Wen Shiyu concentrated on playing the violin, her fair and slender fingers plucking the strings quickly, and one by one, wonderful, soulful notes poured out, moving and captivating people.

And her musical style is also very unique.

This uniqueness is different from Susan’s before, she has her own style without being at all obtrusive, or even, on the contrary, very inclusive, and can set off the whole orchestra.

It was like a leader, controlling the progress of the orchestra from the front.

Even though Wen Shiyu had never trained with the members of the Sixth Orchestra before, they worked very well together.

The performance, in short, was a great success, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was heavenly.

Below the stage, Karen looked at Wen Shiyu, who was glowing with confidence, and finally understood why her teacher had suddenly taken on this student.

“This little sister does have two skills, the teacher’s eye is as poisonous as ever!”

He didn’t mince words in his praise, and by the way, he also praised his teacher with a sweet tongue.

Jenny nodded approvingly as she stood by and smiled, “I’ve heard Little Sister play in Hathaway’s orchestra before, and although she was agile and skilled then, she wasn’t as sophisticated as she is today, she really has improved so much.”

When she finished, she did not forget to compliment her, “Honestly, the teacher has trained her so well, this overall strength of Little Sister is a qualitative leap.”

Daniela also nodded in agreement, “I’m suddenly looking forward somewhat to the day when teacher has completely tempered Little Sister, and I wonder what kind of surprise she will bring us.”

Hearing her student’s approval of Wen Shiyu, Sofia looked at Wen Shiyu with a look of satisfaction in her eyes.

“Your little sister, indeed, is very capable of surprising people, and I am also very much looking forward to what she can grow into in the future.”

After she finished, she paused and turned her head sideways to Karen, “If you want to choose the chief of the Sixth Ensemble, let me give you a piece of advice, at least you must have a style like your little sister’s, which is not only compatible with the whole orchestra, but also shows your own uniqueness.”

“I understand, Sensei.”

Karen nodded her head to show that she had been taught.

The other members of the orchestra also came back from the music at this time, one by one, they were all in awe.

“Not bad for a ‘Heavenly Girl’, that’s amazing.”

“I’ve heard her perform in Hathaway’s orchestra before, and while it was good then, it always felt like something was missing, now I think she’s perfect.”

“No wonder senior Sofia took her on, this strength is simply too much to be jealous of.”

“I heard she’s only been studying with Sophia for less than a month, and I wonder how shocking she’ll be when she’s completely tuned out.”

“That makes me look forward to it too.”

Little Bao’er puffed out her chest with great pride as she listened to the compliments being paid to Mummy all around.

Mummy was so good, so many uncles and aunts were praising her.

He wanted to be as good as Mummy in the future, so that Mummy would be proud of him.

As he thought, his eyes glowed as he looked at the stage, thinking how beautiful Mummy was at this moment.

On the other side of the stage, Susan, who was also performing, was also in a state of shock.

She stared in disbelief at Wen Shiyu, who was glowing and shining not far away.

She simply could not imagine that Wen Shiyu had improved to this extent in a short period of time.

As a result, she even played several wrong notes.

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