Always Been Yours Chapter 865

It was only when her companion, beside her, touched her gently that she managed to find her senses and correct her mistake.

Only her heart was in turmoil and panic.

At the end of the song, there was thunderous applause.

Everyone felt that the performance was perfect.

In particular, Wen Shiyu’s performance made everyone feel extraordinarily outstanding and excellent.

“That was awesome.”

Everyone praised.

Little Bao’er also clapped her little hands so hard with excitement that her palms were red, but she didn’t feel any pain at all.

“Mummy is wonderful!”

As if hearing the little one’s shout, Wen Shiyu cast a sweet smile.

Her starry eyes then fell on Sofia, hoping that her teacher would give her a comment.

The rest of the orchestra looked at Sofia expectantly, just as she did.

Sofia waved her hand, gesturing for silence from those around her.

Soon, everyone was quiet.

At this point, Sofia began to comment.

“The overall coordination of the six troupes is already very good, but in the area of transposition and articulation, it still needs to be improved, one beat faster, one beat slower, it gives a different feeling, Karen, follow up with you focusing on training.”

“I know, I’ll focus on that.”

Karen nodded her head to show that she understood.

Sofia nodded her head and her gaze fell on Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu knew that it was his turn, and subconsciously tensed up his body.

The teacher’s voice came to her ears, “Although you did well, there were several flaws when the second theme turned to the third theme, and by all rights, you should have been able to do better.”

“It’s true that I didn’t handle it well, I will pay attention to that aspect later.”

Wen Shiyu humbly accepted the lesson.

When the others heard this, they couldn’t help but sigh.

“I now finally know why Wen Shiyu was able to be accepted as senior’s disciple.”

“No, I even think it’s already perfect, and senior still thinks it’s not good enough, no wonder we can’t become senior’s students.”

“It’s really so jealous that people can’t even be jealous, sigh ……”

Hearing these words, Wen Shiyu guffawed and came down from the stage with her violin.

When Karen, the three senior brothers and sisters, saw her, they didn’t spare any kind of praise.

“The performance was very good just now.”

“I’m now very much looking forward to what you’ll be able to do when you’ve been thoroughly tuned up by your teacher.”

“It feels like you’ll definitely be able to surpa*s me at that point.”

Karen said, pretending to be nervous, “It’s over, suddenly I have a sense of crisis, if I get caught up by my little sister, I’ll definitely be drilled hard by my teacher.”

Wen Shiyu was amused by him, but was still modest, “I’m improving and so is senior brother, so it’s still difficult for me to catch up with senior brother.”

Sofia stood next to her, watching the few students who were getting along better and better, and secretly nodded her head.

This was because she knew that these few students of her own were now considered to have truly accepted Wen Shiyu.

She then returned her gaze to the members of the sixth regiment and said in an authoritative voice, “Regarding the choice of the chief, it has not been decided yet, but as you can see, my side requires, at least, the ability of my students, so, there is still a month left before the final selection, so you should work hard, this position, can only be won by those who have the ability! ”

With these words, the members of the Sixth Regiment all perked up.

Originally, they had always thought that this chief position was internally decided for Susan, after all, Susan’s playing was far, far more mature than theirs.

But now, hearing from the seniors, they also had a chance.

“Great, we have a chance too.”

“For the chief, for the dream, this month, I’ll fight.”

“I’m going to work hard too, I’m going to extend my training time by two hours a day, no, at least four hours.”

All of them were very excited, planning their training for the month behind.

And of all these people, Susan was the only one whose face was a little ugly.

All along, Susan had thought that with her ability, she was the sought-after meat and potatoes wherever she went.

But ever since she joined the band, she has been experiencing one slip after another, and she has even been picked up like a piece of cargo.

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