Always Been Yours Chapter 873

Hearing these words, Mu Wanxian looked at Feng Shenye with some shyness.

Feng Shenye naturally noticed her gaze and frowned like anything.

“Elder Mu is too modest, in fact, Miss Mu’s ability is still good, it’s just that if you spend less on other things, you can do better.”

Hearing this indifferent and distant voice, Elder Mu froze.

Of course, he also heard Feng Shenye’s extra-stringed words.

He looked at Mu Wanxian suspiciously and found that his granddaughter’s eyes were bleak and her mood was very low.

It was clear that something had happened between the two.

Also making this discovery was the old man.

The atmosphere in the bright dining room was somewhat frozen.

Old Master Mu’s probing eyes swept back and forth between his granddaughter and Feng Shenye.

He frowned inquiringly, “Shenye, did our family Wanxian do something she shouldn’t have done?”

“No, I was just giving a suggestion.”

Feng Shenye did not intend to say much.

Master Mu naturally saw that, and was not in a position to ask further questions.

The atmosphere once again froze.

Seeing this, Mu Wanxian couldn’t care less about the uncomfortable situation and took the initiative to step forward to regulate the atmosphere.

“Shen Ye is right, from now on I will use all my focus on work.”

The way she looked like she was humbly being taught made Elder Mu feel a little saddened and resentment rose up in his heart towards Feng Shenye.

It was the old man who had probably guessed something and was a little apologetic towards Mu Wanxian.

He secretly glared at Feng Shenye, warning him not to talk nonsense again.

When Feng Shenye saw this, he ignored it and went about his meal.

Seeing this, the old man no longer bothered with him and turned his head to change into an amiable smile, “Wanxian, leave this boy alone.”

Mu Wanxian looked at Feng Shenye, who looked indifferent, and nodded gently, but in her heart, she felt uncomfortable.

After finishing their meal later in the evening, the group left the restaurant.

The old man directly instructed, “Shenye, you send your grandfather Mu and Wanxian back.”

Hearing these words, Mu Wanxian looked at Feng Shenye expectantly.

However, Feng Shenye was indifferent.

He could not be clearer about his grandfather’s intentions and refused indifferently, “I still have business to attend to at my company, I’ll arrange for a driver to come and take the two of you.”

The last sentence, he obviously said to Old Master Mu and Mu Wanxian.

Mu Wanxian was disappointed, and knew that it was her own behavior during this period of time that had displeased Feng Shenye, which had caused the current situation.

In order to salvage the situation, she simply refused and said, “Thank you Shenye and Grandpa Feng for your kindness, but I have just arranged for a driver to come and pick up me and Grandpa.”

“In that case, I’ll go to the company.”

With those words, Feng Shenye left straight away.

When the old man saw this, he was furious.

If it wasn’t for the fact that his old friend was still here, he really wanted to call Feng Shenye to stop him and give him a good lecture.

On the way back, Master Mu sat in the car, his face not looking very good.

He thought of Feng Shenye’s attitude at the entrance of the restaurant, and his brow furrowed tightly.

According to reason, Feng Shenye should not have had this attitude.

As he thought, he remembered Feng Shenye’s meaningful words at the dining table and said sideways, “Wanxian, did something happen between you and Shenye?”

Mu Wanxian was stunned for a moment, her eyes flickering, “Why would grandpa ask that?”

As Elder Mu looked on, how could he not know that something was really wrong.

“What is going on?”

Mu Wanxian faintly pursed her lips and eventually spoke out about Wen Shiyu’s existence.

“Shen Ye has actually always had a woman present beside him, although this woman is not in the country right now, she is the person that Shen Ye likes ……”

When the words came out, her voice became dejected and hard, “Also because of this woman, Shen Ye and I no longer have any chance at all.”

Looking at his granddaughter who had never been so lost and sad before, Elder Mu was originally a little displeased with Feng Shenye, and now he was even more angry.

He felt that Feng Shenye did not know what was good or bad, his own granddaughter did not dislike him for having a son, but he actually disliked his own granddaughter and even liked another woman.

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