Always Been Yours Chapter 874

“Wanxian, don’t be upset, leave this matter to grandpa.”

He comforted Mu Wanxian, his eyes darkened and said “Tomorrow grandpa will go to your grandpa Feng and let him give you an explanation.”

Hearing that grandpa was going to help her out, Mu Wanxian did not intend to stop him.

She felt that if Grandpa Feng helped her, even if Feng Shenye didn’t like her, she would still have a chance to marry into the Feng family.

Thinking that, she took the initiative to take her grandfather’s arm and said petulantly, “It’s still grandfather who treats me the best.”

Master Mu was very flattered and promised, “Don’t worry about this matter, grandpa will definitely help you handle it so that your heart can be fulfilled.”

Mu Wanxian nodded her head, she naturally trusted her grandfather, but ……

“Grandpa, when you go to grandpa Feng tomorrow, can you be a little more discretionary, I don’t want Shen Ye to turn against me again.”

Looking at his own granddaughter being so careful, Elder Mu’s eyes instantly became complicated.

This is a very deep love for Feng Shenye.


The next morning, Elder Mu went to the Feng family’s old residence early in the morning.

The old man was quite happy to see his best friend.

The two exchanged a few pleasantries and chatted idly in the garden while playing chess.

During this time, Elder Mu brought the topic up to Feng Shenye.

“I heard that your Shen Ye has a girl with him, although he is abroad, but your Shen Ye claims to be his girlfriend to the public, what is this all about?”

The old man was stunned, but not surprised, he had even expected this day to come.

“This girl was chosen by Shen Ye himself.”

He no longer hid it and explained generally, “I was always disapproving of this girl, but Shen Ye insisted.”

At these words, Elder Mu was displeased and had a feeling of being deceived.

But at the moment, his granddaughter’s heart was tied to Feng Shenye, so he couldn’t say anything, but could only try to say, “Your Shenye insists, is it possible that you really intend to accept this wild girl outside?”

The old man did understand his old friend’s meaning and sighed helplessly.

“This matter is no longer something I can interfere with.”

“You are Shen Ye’s grandfather, how can he still disobey you?”

Elder Mu’s tone was suddenly somewhat dissatisfied.

The old man knew he was in the wrong and didn’t care, explaining, “You don’t understand our Shen Ye, he hates having people interfere in his affairs, so his feelings are no longer something that I, as a grandfather, can control.”

Elder Mu furrowed his brows tightly, somewhat reluctantly.

Feng Shenye was good enough for his granddaughter, no matter his family background or ability, and most importantly, his granddaughter also liked this man.

Then again, last night he had a*sured his granddaughter that this matter would be as she wished, now how would he be allowed to go back and explain?

“So, now you mean that the marriage between the two families is just going to be yellow?”

He looked at the old man with undying determination.

The old man sighed, “I understand what you mean, but I’ve already fought for it before, and now that the girl is pregnant with a child, I can’t ask her to abort the baby, can I? That’s our Feng family’s child!”

Master Mu was stunned and silent

This was a situation that he hadn’t expected in any way.

If that was the case, he could understand his old friend’s feelings.

Just what should he do about his granddaughter?

On the other hand, Mu Wanxian simply did not have the heart to go to work at the company since she knew that her grandfather had gone to the Feng family’s old residence.

In the end, she simply stayed at home and waited for her grandfather to return.

But as time pa*sed, her heart was in a tizzy, wondering if her grandfather could handle Grandpa Feng.

Later in the evening, when she saw her grandfather returning from outside, she immediately stood up from the sofa and couldn’t wait to greet him, “Grandpa, what did Grandpa Feng say?”

Looking at his granddaughter’s expectant eyes, Elder Mu suddenly didn’t know how to speak.

He was afraid of hurting his granddaughter’s heart.

But it was not good to say, and he had to say it.

“Your Grandpa Feng can’t force Feng Shenye, and that girl called Wen Shiyu is already pregnant.”

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