Always Been Yours Chapter 879


Wen Shiyu nodded, and a challenge rose up in her heart.

She also wanted to see what kind of results she would get after studying for so long and giving her best effort.

After that, Sofia gave a few more instructions and let her take Little Treasure back with her.

When she came downstairs, Feng Shenye was already waiting on the street early.

His tall and handsome appearance had attracted the attention of many pa*sers-by.

It was only due to the indifference that emanated from him that made people not dare to go up to him and strike up a conversation.


Little Bao’er saw him and waved his little hand happily to call out to him.

Wen Shiyu looked at the tall, handsome man not far away, and a sweet smile spread across her face.

She couldn’t help but pick up her pace and walked over with little Bao’er.

On the way back, she inquired, “Did you have a good day at the company today?”

“Pretty good.”

Feng Shenye spoke generally about his situation at the company, before turning his words around and saying with concern, “How was your training today, were you tired?”

“No, I’m not tired.” Wen Shiyu shook his head, remembering the concert again and shared, “Teacher is planning to let me make a piece to perform at the concert, so I might not have much time to spend with you when I go home later.”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as you stay by my side.”

Feng Shenye held Wen Shiyu’s hand, not caring.

However, he was a bit uneasy in his heart and worried, “Can your body bear it with such a busy schedule? You have to train during the day and come back at night to compose, won’t it be too hard?”

Wen Shiyu shook his head and smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll have a handle on it.”

Meanwhile, Susan also found out about the concert from the orchestra meeting.

“This concert, although it’s just an internal concert for our orchestra, I hope everyone will show a serious attitude, after all, this is the first performance since our Sixth Regiment was formed.”

Karen was speaking ahead of him about what he wanted for this concert.

Susan’s mind, however, drifted away.

This was an opportunity, she thought.

So she was going to make a big show of this concert and show the whole regiment what she was capable of.

As good as the idea was, Susan hadn’t forgotten her biggest problem at the moment.

She had always been a reporter of what Sofia had said about herself.

All this time, she had been tweaking her musical style, but the lack of results was making her anxious.

“Maybe I should get a teacher to teach it.”

Susan muttered to herself, her brow furrowed, “But who should I call?”

Nowadays, her status was just that of an ordinary musician.

Without contacts or connections, it was basically not very likely that she would find a good teacher to teach her or get help.

It was also at this time that she appreciated the benefits of having Hathaway’s patronage at one time.

Having Hathaway’s connections had opened up so many opportunities for her before that she had never had to worry about them.

Did she have to go back to Hathaway now?

This idea was immediately rejected by her as soon as it appeared.

Not to mention that it was still a matter of a moment whether she could meet Hathaway now that she had changed her identity.

More importantly, she did not want Hathaway to know that she was still alive.

That woman was so biased towards Wen Shiyu, if she knew she was still alive, it would be the same as letting Wen Shiyu know, how else could she take revenge!

That evening, Susan went back and Laurieen immediately noticed that she was not in a very good mood.

“What’s wrong baby girl, you’re sullen, did someone in the band bully you?”

“No one’s bullying me, I’m annoyed about something else.”

Susan shook her head and sat down on the sofa in annoyance.

Seeing this, Lauryn rushed over and asked after her, “What’s bothering you, tell daddy, maybe he can help you.”

“I’m annoyed that I’m just an average musician now and I can’t find a good teacher.”

Speaking of this matter, Susan’s tone became very bad, and in her heart she hated Wen Shiyu even more.

It was all because of this b*tch that she had become what she was today.

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