Always Been Yours Chapter 880

Lauryn looked at her cranky daughter and subconsciously rea*sured her, “It’s just a teacher, daddy will find you one?”

“You’ll find one? Who can you find? Hathaway?”

Susan looked at her father questioningly.

After all, his father was a businessman and knew not many musicians at all.

Lauryn didn’t deny it and nodded, “Yes, just find her, she knows so many great music masters anyway, and since she can help you, it can’t be for nothing.”


At her father’s answer, Susan immediately refused, “I don’t want her to know I’m still alive!”

“Don’t worry, what you won’t do, Daddy certainly won’t do, we can get you in her sights in other ways without exposing you.”

Lauryn persuaded Susan.

Susan was a little shaken.

After all, why go the distance when there are shortcuts to take.

“So daddy what do you mean?”

“Isn’t it my birthday in a couple of days, I’ll send an invitation to your mummy, then daddy will invite some musicians over for a performance at the party, and you mix in and show off your excellent talent, your mummy, who loves talent so much, will definitely notice you.”

Hearing this, Susan remembered that it was really her father’s birthday in a couple of days, and also thought that this solution was feasible, and she was in a much better mood.

“Still daddy has a solution.”

Two days later, Lauryn’s birthday party was held in a five-star hotel in Vienna.

A number of guests had already come to the gilded ballroom.

There was a lot of mingling and laughing.

Laurin kept an eye on the door while dealing with the guests.

The party was about to start, but he was late in seeing Hathaway.

The woman wasn’t coming, was she?

He frowned, displeased.

If this woman didn’t come, wouldn’t all his arrangements for today be in vain.

Just when he was hesitating to contact Hathaway, someone came to the door again.

It was Hathaway, who was on his mind.

He looked at the woman who was slowly approaching, and his brow could not help but frown.

He could not help but frown at the woman who was slowly approaching, for Hathaway, who was so sallow and slim, was a far cry from the elegant and noble woman he remembered at all times.

The other guests also saw Hathaway and gave her a look of surprise.

“What’s Hathaway doing here?”

“Strange, isn’t she the one who doesn’t get along with Lauryn, but she’s even here for Lauryn’s birthday party.”

“Speaking of which, don’t you guys think Hathaway is in a bad shape nowadays?”

“I’m afraid she hasn’t gotten over the Cathleen thing yet.”

There was a lot of whispering, but there were a lot of people talking, so Hathaway still heard some of it.

When she heard Cathleen’s name mentioned, her eyes darkened for a few moments, and there was a sadness in them that she couldn’t let go of.

Soon, though, she regained her composure and walked over to Lauryn.

“Happy birthday.”

She said, and handed over the present in her hand.

And she had probably come because of the guilt in her heart.

After all, she hadn’t done her duty as a mother before her daughter’s death, instead Lauryn had run around for her daughter, which had touched her.

As a result, she had no ill feelings towards Laurin.

When Laurie saw her, she accepted the gift without a scowl.

Instead, the other guests looked at them with some consternation.

It was clear that Lauryn and Hathaway used to be at loggerheads, and that they would not speak to each other for more than a couple of minutes before getting into a fight.

But now they were so calm and peaceful, a rare sight.

Naturally, Lauryn and Hathaway were aware of the stares being cast around them, but they didn’t care.

After a nod, they parted ways.

Later in the evening, the party began.

The host got the mood going and had Lauryn take the stage to make a speech.

“I’m glad you all could come to my birthday party out of your busy schedules, and I’ve invited a few musicians over to do the opening act tonight, so I hope you all have a good time tonight.”


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