Always Been Yours Chapter 881

With those words, he announced for the musicians to come on stage.

Amongst them, Susan was listed.

Susan caught sight of Hathaway standing at the bottom of the stage and was stunned, her eyes a little complicated.

She almost didn’t recognise Hathaway because she was so thin and haggard, and she almost didn’t recognise her.

However, she soon pushed down the strange emotions in her heart and began to perform.

There were quite a few people who noticed Susan.

It was mainly because of Susan’s appearance, which was so striking and exquisite that she looked like a doll.

But Hathaway noticed her because she noticed that the girl’s musical style was very similar to Kathleen’s.

It even gave her the illusion that it was Kathleen who was playing.

“Kathleen ……”

She looked at Susan in shock and kept murmuring Kathleen’s name under her breath.

When the song was finished, there was a huge round of applause.

Susan led the others in a bow, her gaze leaving no trace towards Hathaway, and she saw the man looking at herself with a shocked expression.

She knew that her and her father’s plan was halfway successful and pushed off the stage satisfied.

By the time Hathaway came back to her senses, the stage was long gone from Susan’s presence.

She thought of the girl who looked so much like her daughter earlier and immediately turned to Lauryn.

Looking at Hathaway, who had stopped herself, a glint crossed Lauryn’s eyes.

“Hathaway, what are you stopping me for?”

“That group of performers just now, where did you hire them from?”

Hathaway looked at Laurion with a slightly agitated expression.

Knowing that the fish had taken the bait, Laurieen explained, “I’m not sure, a friend of mine introduced them to me and asked me to hire them to help out, in fact, originally I didn’t want to hire any professional band, after all, I didn’t think it was necessary, but I couldn’t back out of my friend’s kindness.”

He deliberately said a lot and then enquired, “What did you ask them for?”

“I ……”

Hathaway didn’t know how to answer the question, so she simply shut up and didn’t answer, “There was a very pretty girl in that group earlier, do you know that girl? Can you introduce me to her?”

“A very pretty girl …… are you talking about Susan?”

“I don’t know her name, it’s the girl standing in the very middle, can you introduce her to me.”

“Then you’re talking about Susan, just what are you looking for her for, that’s just a freshly graduated college girl.”

Lauryn looked at Hathaway in disbelief.

Hathaway pursed her lips, “You don’t know anything about music, this girl’s style of song is a lot like Kathleen’s, and if she’s just out of college, then she’s very talented.”

“So you want to take her?”

Lauryn pretended to read her mind, knowing full well the advisor.

Hathaway didn’t deny it, “A good talent like that deserves professional guidance.”

At that, Lauryn was happy, but on the surface she pretended not to be, “I don’t really know that girl that well, why don’t I go over and ask her later, if she’s willing, I’ll introduce you.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for your news.”

Hathaway nodded her head and watched Lauryn leave, her heart actually not at peace.

Apart from the fact that the girl was so talented, what she actually valued most was that the girl had the same songwriting style as Kathleen.

She felt that this must be another way for God to see her lose Kathleen and send Kathleen to her.

On the other hand, Susan had been waiting in the lounge for her father to come over.

It didn’t take long for Lauryn to find an opportunity to come backstage.

“Daddy, how’s it going, has she come to you yet?”

“Here we are, our plan worked.”

With a smile on his lips, Lauryn gave a general account of how Hathaway had approached him and concluded, “She’s very positive about your talent and should be planning to take you on as a pupil.”

“She just wants to take on a student when she sees one with good talent.”

Susan skimmed her lips, her tone was unspeakably sarcastic.

Seeing this, Lauryn couldn’t help but speak up for Hathaway, “I think she wants to take you in, apart from valuing your talent, I think another thing is that your style is Cathleen’s style, after all, your mum as a person is still very picky.”

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