Always Been Yours Chapter 886

In the blink of an eye, it was the night before the New Year.

Wen Shiyu greeted the others and sat down in the living room to discuss how to celebrate New Year tomorrow.

Although they were abroad, it had to be done properly because it was their first time to spend New Year together and it meant something different.

“You have a concert tomorrow night, so let’s have the reunion dinner early so we can also accompany you to the concert in the evening.”

Feng Shenye held Wen Shiyu’s hand and spoke out his idea.

Wen Shiyu nodded her head in agreement, “That’s good.”

Wen Jing Chen and Xiao Bao Er also had no opinion.


Early the next morning, Wen Shiyu got up early.

She planned to do all the reunion dinner today by herself.

Just as she was about to get up, there was a sudden tightening around her waist, then she was pulled into a warm embrace, and a low, nice voice rang out in her ears.

“Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year.”

Wen Shiyu lifted her head, her almond eyes smiling as she looked at Feng Shenye.

The two of them cuddled up for a while before getting up and washing up.

Downstairs in the living room, Wen Jingchen and Xiao Bao’er were already up.

When the two saw Wen Shiyu and Feng Shenye coming down, their faces immediately lifted up with nice smiles.

“Sister, brother-in-law, happy new year.”

“Daddy and mummy, happy new year.”

“Happy New Year.”

Wen Shiyu responded with a smile.

Feng Shenye was also in a happy mood and curled his lips.

At this time, Wen Jingchen walked up to Wen Shiyu in a quirky manner and held out his hand, “Sister, where is my red envelope?”

“You’re already such a big man, why are you still asking me for a red envelope?”

Although the words were said like this, the smile on Wen Shiyu’s face was very bright.

Wen Jingchen justified, “I don’t care if I’m seventy or eighty years old, as long as sister is around, I want the red packet, I don’t care, who told sister to love me the most.”

Next to him, Little Bao’er also came over and looked at Wen Shiyu with bated breath.

“Mummy, does Bao’er have a red packet?”

Wen Shiyu smiled more happily when she saw such a cute little Bao’er.

“Yes, yes, yes, there are all red packets, but you have to complete the task I gave you first to get them.”

At noon, Wen Shiyu fixed a table of reunion dishes with the help of the chef.

In a short while, the aroma that belonged solely to the rice filled the entire dining room.

“Dinner’s ready.”

When the last dish was brought to the table, Wen Shiyu happily greeted the others as they came over.

At the sound of this, the others stopped the tasks they were holding and came over with smiles.

And at that moment the villa had been greatly transformed in their decorations.

Red lanterns, window flowers, red knots, everywhere the joy of the New Year was evident.

“It smells good.”

When he walked into the dining room, Wen Jingchen smelled the fragrance in the air and his face lifted with a happy smile.

Little Bao’er also excitedly trotted up to Wen Shiyu and said expectantly, “Mommy, what delicious food have you made?”

“Lots and lots of delicious food, does Bao’er want to eat it?”

Wen Shiyu bent down slightly and scratched the tip of the little one’s nose affectionately.

Little Bao’er nodded his head repeatedly, “Bao’er wants to eat.”

“Then when Bao’er has called grandparents to say Happy New Year, we will eat together, okay?”

Wen Shiyu taught the little one, “In previous years, Bao’er has always spent New Year’s Eve with her grandparents, this year you are not here, they will definitely miss you, Bao’er has to be a filial child, right?”

“Mummy is right, Bao’er has to be a filial child, I’ll call grandparents now.”

After Little Bao’er finished speaking, she turned and ran to get her mobile phone to make a call.

At the other end, Pei Xin Yi was overjoyed to receive a call from her precious grandson.

“Little heartless one, after being gone for so long, you finally know to call grandma.”

“Grandma is not angry, in the future, Bao’er will call you often.”

Little Bao’er coaxed Pei Xin Yi with a sweet mouth and a soft voice, “Happy New Year, Grandma, and Happy New Year, Grandpa.”

At these words, the two old men laughed heartily in the video, “Happy New Year to Bao’er too.”

They accompanied Little Bao’er for a while, and knew that Bao’er had called because Wen Shiyu had taught her to do so, and their hearts rose with a little satisfaction for the girl.


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