Always Been Yours Chapter 887

Pei Xin Yi also took the initiative to care about Wen Shiyu, “How are you and the baby doing lately? Is your reaction to the pregnancy vomiting better?”

“Much better.”

Wen Shiyu replied in a good manner.

Feng Shenye sat next to her with a gentle expression on his face, feeling that this was a very good day, very good.

After hanging up the phone, the family sat in the dining room.

Everyone happily raised a gla*s to celebrate.

Of course Wen Shiyu and Xiao Bao’er could only drink juice.

“Happy New Year.”

Joyful and happy voices rang out in the living room.

During the meal, Wen Jingchen brought out the red envelope he had prepared earlier, “Bao’er, this is a red envelope for you from uncle.”

“Thank you, uncle!”

The little one joyfully accepted it, and at the same time offered a fragrant kiss.

Wen Jingchen was overjoyed, then looked towards his sister, pretending to be childish and asking for the red envelope, “Sister, we have completed all the tasks you have arranged for us, shouldn’t the red envelope be given to us.”

When these words came out, Little Bao’er and Feng Shenye also both looked at Wen Shiyu expectantly.

Wen Shiyu lost her smile, her tone was indescribably doting, “Here, here you are.”

After saying this, she took out three red envelopes.

Little Bao’er smiled happily and carefully collected the red envelopes, “This is the first red envelope mommy gave me, I want to treasure it.”

Feng Shenye also put away the red envelopes solemnly.

It was clear that he also intended to collect it well.

He then also took out the red envelope he had prepared long ago and handed it to Wen Shiyu with a gentle expression, “Happy New Year.”

Wen Shiyu froze for a moment before happily accepting it.

“Thank you, husband.”

After she finished, she came forward and kissed Feng Shenye on the cheek.

Feng Shenye was slightly stunned, and his eyes were covered with laughter.

Then he handed Bao’er the red envelope.

“Thank you daddy.”

Little Bao’er said thank you with a sweet mouth.

Only Wen Jingchen watched with bewildered eyes, but nothing ……

“Brother-in-law, where’s mine?”

He looked at Feng Shenye with some disbelief.

Feng Shenye smiled narrowly and deliberately teased, “Yours …… I didn’t prepare.”


Wen Jingchen was stunned, and then couldn’t help but whine in a small voice, “Although I usually do it on purpose to be against you, but do you have to be so petty?”

At these words, both Wen Shiyu and Little Treasure laughed.

Feng Shenye was also crying and laughing, but still brought out the gift he had prepared for Wen Jingchen, a contract for a big project.

A reunion dinner was held and everyone ate happily.

After finishing the meal, it was already afternoon.

Wen Shiyu looked at the time and found that it was almost time for the orchestra to get ready, so she hurriedly urged Feng Shenye and the others to set off.

Because this concert was organised internally, they could bring their families.

In this way, the group hurriedly arrived at the orchestra.

At this moment, the orchestra was very lively.

The crowd was already preparing for the performance.

Wen Shiyu came in with Feng Shenye and his brother, immediately attracting the attention of many people.

It was because their faces were so outstanding.

Especially Feng Shenye and Wen Jingchen.

Although they were wearing black suits of the same colour, the aura they exuded was different.

Feng Shenye was cold, handsome and dignified.

Wen Jingchen, on the other hand, was gentle and elegant, a modest gentleman.

At this time, the members of the band who usually got along quite well with Wen Shiyu came over to say hello.

“Miss Wen, Bao’er, you’re here.”

Wen Shiyu smiled and nodded, then introduced Feng Shenye and Wen Jingchen to her colleagues.

For a while, everyone praised Wen Shiyu for being happy to have such a handsome husband and brother.

Wen Shiyu was modest, but with a happy smile on her face.

As a courtesy, she also complimented the families of her colleagues.

When the atmosphere was just right, Sofia arrived.

She caught a glimpse of Wen Shiyu standing in the crowd and smiled as she walked over to inquire, “When did you get here?”

As she spoke, she also nodded her head to Feng Shenye and also Wen Jingchen as a greeting.

Little Bao’er saw Sofia and called out to the person in a good and understanding manner, “Happy New Year, Master Grandmother.”


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