Always Been Yours Chapter 893

After the New Year, Wen Jingchen went back to China.

Feng Shenye remained in Vienna to take care of business matters.

Because it was the New Year, the Sofia Orchestra also took a few days off to let everyone rest and relax.

This evening, Wen Shiyu thought she was in Feng Shenye’s arms and said, “Tomorrow I want to invite my teacher and senior brothers and sisters over for a meal, is that okay? It’s a good time to introduce you to them.”

When they were at the concert before, they only met hastily because it was late, greeted each other, and left separately.

Upon hearing this, Feng Shenye gazed down tenderly at Wen Shiyu and lost his smile, “You are the mistress of the house, you can arrange whatever you want, and I will listen to you.”

“Why are you so nice.”

Wen Shiyu rubbed Feng Shenye’s chest affectionately, her heart sweet.

Feng Shenye looked at his little wife’s eyes that were smiling like crescent moons, as if he was also infected, the softness on his face seemed to drown people in it.

“Because you are my wife.”

He said the beautiful words of love, “It just so happens that I also want to thank your teacher and the others for taking care of you this time.”


The next day, Wen Shiyu invited his teacher and his senior brothers and sisters to come over for dinner separately.

Of course, Sofia and her brothers and sisters readily agreed.

That evening, Wen Shiyu told the chef at home about the preferences of her teacher and her siblings.

The chef remembered them all and began to prepare the banquet.

Later in the evening, Sofia and the other siblings arrived.

Wen Shiyu took Feng Shenye and Little Bao’er out to greet them.

“Senior grandmother.”

Little Bao’er looked at Sofia and greeted her warmly.

Of course he didn’t forget the others either.

When the others heard him call out, they all replied with doting smiles.

At this time, Wen Shiyu took Feng Shenye’s arm and went up to call out sweetly, “Teacher, senior brother, senior sister.”

Feng Shenye followed suit and greeted the crowd.

Sofia and the other brothers and sisters looked at the pair in front of them and their eyes were full of admiration.

The senior brothers and sisters, in particular, were all a little surprised as well.

Although they had already met Feng Shenye at the previous party, they had only greeted him hastily at that time and did not take a closer look.

Only when they saw him today did they realize that this little sister had an extraordinary aura around her, and her status was definitely not ordinary.

Wen Shiyu did not know what the people were thinking.

After briefly exchanging pleasantries, she smiled and said, “Dinner is not ready yet, let’s sit in the living room for a while now.”

The others naturally had no opinion.

Just like that, the group went to the living room.

After taking their seats, Wen Shiyu took Little Bao’er to mainly greet the teacher and the other few senior sisters.

As for the other senior brothers, they were entertained by Feng Shenye.

Originally, Wen Shiyu was worried that the atmosphere might be awkward as Feng Shenye did not know the brothers well.

Feng Shenye and his brothers got along very well.

Even when talking about music, he was able to talk eloquently and instantly won the favour of the brothers.

Wen Shiyu listened from the side, surprised.

She didn’t even know that Feng Shenye knew so much about music.

But on second thought, she guessed that Feng Shenye should have gone to learn so much for her, and her heart warmed up.

“Your husband loves you very much.”

Sofia also looked out and smiled as she teased Wen Shiyu.

A few of the other sisters followed suit and joked along.

Wen Shiyu blushed in shame, “Teacher, you guys are too bad.”

At this time, Little Treasure looked at her with a puzzled expression, “Mummy, why are your cheeks so red?”

The next second, the living room resounded with joyful laughter.

Later in the evening, the housekeeper came over to report, “Young master, young lady, dinner is set.”

Feng Shenye nodded and led Wen Shiyu to get up, “Let’s go to the dining room.”

Sofia and the others nodded and followed the two out.

Once they were seated, Sofia and the others realised that most of the dishes on the table were their favourite dishes, and the good feeling they had for their little sister deepened once again.

“Have a heart.”

Sofia looked at Wen Shiyu with satisfaction.

Wen Shiyu smiled and greeted everyone as they moved their chopsticks.


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