Always Been Yours Chapter 894

During the meal, everyone was talking and laughing, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

Eunice also kept an eye on Feng Shenye, her beautiful eyes brimming with light.

In fact, from the moment she entered the villa, she had been attracted by the mysterious, noble aura coming from this man.

She took a sip of wine and said in a delicate voice, “I wonder what Mr Feng does?”

“I do a little business of my own.”

Feng Shenye responded indifferently, putting the fish with the thorns picked in his hand into Wen Shiyu’s bowl.

Seeing such a gentle man, Eunice’s eyes grew brighter and brighter.

Of course, as for her little sister, she was automatically ignored.

She propped up her chin and smiled delicately, “Mr Feng is really modest, a young and talented man like you must have a successful career, after all, not everyone can afford to live in a house in this location.”

After she finished her words, her eyes stared straight at Feng Shenye.

She was already very beautiful, and now she was deliberately displaying the unique style of a mature woman, sexy and seductive, with a tantalizing meaning.

She also believes in her own vision and is confident in her own charm.

After all, she has always been very good with men.

In the past, as long as she showed a little bit of interest, those men all obediently took the bait.

Wen Shiyu and the others also noticed the change in Eunice, and everyone’s face immediately pulled down.

Especially Wen Shiyu, whose heart instantly dropped quite a bit in favour of this second senior sister, was a little uncomfortable.

Feng Shenye of course also saw what Eunice meant and chose not to look away.

“It’s just good luck.”

He responded modestly, but his voice was indifferent, detached and laced with a bit of displeasure.

Sofia watched Feng Shenye’s performance and secretly nodded her head, thinking that this man was not bad, and was quite loyal to her young apprentice.

Then her eyes fell on her second apprentice, and a bit of dissatisfaction rose in her eyes.

She knew the virtues of her student, seeing prey that she liked and wanting to have it.

She had never asked before because she thought the man had a sense of propriety.

But now, it made her quite annoyed.

Thinking about it, she kicked Eunice privately, her eyes warning her to be honest.

Eunice received the teacher’s warning and grimaced a little unenthusiastically.

However, she settled down and made amends to Feng Shenye with her gla*s of wine, “Sorry, I was rude.”

Although the words were said, her eyes still carried the temptation.

Only this time she did it so stealthily that the others didn’t notice.

The other senior brothers and sisters were relieved to see this.

They were really afraid that Eunice would be a jerk and ruin a good get-together.

Wen Shiyu’s face also eased up.

Feng Shenye was the only one whose face remained cold.

He didn’t even pay attention to Eunice’s reparations.

At this moment, he was disgusted with this woman, and at the same time he could see that this woman was afraid that she was not simple.

Eunice looked at the man who wasn’t even going to pay attention to her, and shrugged her shoulders without caring, and drained her gla*s.

During this time, it was probably only little Bao’er who didn’t know what was going on, looking left and right with a dumbfounded look on her face.

After finishing their meal, the group rejoined the living room for tea.

Wen Shiyu personally made tea for the teachers and their brothers and sisters.

As the tea was rinsed by the boiling water, a unique fragrance permeated the air.

“It smells so good.”

Sofia looked at the tea cup in Wen Shiyu’s hand with some surprise, “What kind of tea are you brewing, how come it smells so good, it feels different from the tea I used to brew.”

“This is special rain front Longjing, it is rarely sold in the market, how about you taste it, teacher.”

Wen Shiyu said and poured a cup of tea for her teacher.

Of course she didn’t forget the other brothers and sisters.

As the sweet and fresh tea entered her throat, Sophia’s eyes immediately lit up, “Good tea, the taste is sweet and mellow, it leaves a fragrance in your mouth.”

She put down her tea cup and gestured for Wen Shiyu to refill it for her.

Clearly, she loved this tea.

Feng Shenye could see that and called the housekeeper, “Pack a few portions of all the good tea you have at home, so that when the teachers and senior brothers and sisters return later, they will all bring a copy.”


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