Always Been Yours Chapter 901

Wen Shiyu was a little surprised.

In fact, she had guessed the design concept from the name of the gown, only that she had not expected Tabitha to have studied the mythology of their kingdom so thoroughly in just a few months.

“She really is a genius.”

She sighed, admiring the gown on the stage more carefully, with a clear fondness in her eyes.

On the other side, although Feng Shenye had been chatting with Warner, his attention had actually been on Wen Shiyu.

At this moment, when he saw the change on Wen Shiyu’s face, he knew that his little wife should really like the dress on the stage.

He didn’t say anything, but made a mental note of it without moving.

On the stage, the models had already shown a round of gowns and returned backstage.

The handsome MC retraced his steps onto the stage with a microphone and announced that today’s fashion show was coming to a close, “Here is our designer returning to the stage with her models to address you all.”

As his words fell, a loud applause rang out from the floor.

Soon, a lady who looked around thirty years old, exquisite and elegant, slowly walked onto the stage with about ten models.

This person was none other than Tabitha.

After a few brief words, she officially declared the end of today’s fashion show.

Although it was over, the crowd did not leave immediately, but exchanged words with each other.

Many people came over to talk to Lin Weir.

Seeing so many people flocking over, Feng Shenye was worried about his little wife being squeezed and immediately left Warner behind and went forward to be a flower protector.

He shielded Wen Shiyu and also Little Bao’er to the side and said with concern, “No one bumped into you just now, did they?”

Seeing the nervous look on the man’s face, Wen Shiyu smiled and shook her head, “No one hit me, Linvir had my back and Bao’er was protecting me too.”

Hearing his mummy praise him, little Bao’er puffed out his little chest with pride.

Feng Shenye naturally saw his little gesture and praised him affirmatively, “Well done, in the future, you have to protect your mommy like you did today, okay?

Do you understand?”

“I know, I will protect mummy and my little sister.”

Little Bao’er promised with a serious face.

Wen Shiyu looked at the little one in front of her, and felt nothing but happiness.

Later in the evening, people gradually left the scene to go to the celebration reception.

Wen Shiyu’s family did not leave with them, but waited for Lin Weir in the rest area.

It was only after another while that Lin Weier finished dealing with the crowd of people who came to say hello.

“I’m sorry for keeping you all waiting.”

She looked apologetically at Wen Shiyu’s family.

Wen Shiyu smiled unconcernedly, “No matter, what’s next?”

“The next thing is to attend the celebration reception, and the highlight of the day is also tonight.”

Hearing Lin Weir’s words, Wen Shiyu was a little puzzled.

Lin Weir looked out and explained with a smile, “The main event I’m talking about is that tonight there will be many people who want to get the dress styles that no one else has in advance, and when the time comes, there’s no telling how those people will pester.”

At the end of her words, her tone became somewhat flirtatious, “In the past, every time Tabitha’s designs came out, those women who usually looked noble and elegant, went crazy.”

Wen Shiyu lost her smile, yet she also understood.

After all, everyone had a love of beauty, not to mention that it was unique.

At this time, Lin Weir turned her words and inquired, “By the way, do you have a favourite dress for today?”


Wen Shiyu shook her head in denial.

In fact, she did have a favourite, she just didn’t want to say it out loud.

For one thing, she didn’t want to break the bank, after all, being pregnant, she couldn’t wear it.

Then again, she didn’t want Shen Ye to consume favours because of her.

Lin Weier did not know this, and certainly did not care about Wen Shiyu’s answer.

It was Feng Shenye who saw through Wen Shiyu’s mind and was somewhat helpless.

She felt that her little wife was good at everything, but she was too knowledgeable, leaving him useless.

A few people talked for a while and then set off directly to the meeting site.

That evening, the celebration banquet was held in a five-star hotel.

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