Always Been Yours Chapter 902

The banquet hall was gilded and gobbled up, with people talking and laughing.

Not long after, Mr and Mrs Lin Weir and Wen Shiyu’s family entered the venue at the same time.

The handsome man and woman immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Especially the powerful aura and handsome Feng Shenye made the hearts of many young celebrities and famous women twitchy and curious.

“Who is that man, how come I’ve never seen him in the circle before?”

“He’s too handsome, but he seems to be married.”

“It’s not as if, it’s married, I saw the wedding ring he was wearing on his hand, that Oriental beauty next to him must be his wife, they have the same ring on their hands.”

There were quite a few others who made the same discovery, each with disappointment on their faces.

But soon these men reorganised their mood and headed towards Linville.

After all, that was what they were after tonight.

Because Lin Weir was the wife of the president of HG International, many people understood that if they got on good terms with her, they could collect the unique dresses in advance without having to compete with others.

As a result, Linville was approached by many celebrities and noble ladies to make friends in no time.

Seeing that there were still quite a few people gathering around, Feng Shenye was worried that these people would bump into Wen Shiyu, so he greeted Lin Weier and her husband and wife and separated from them.

Lin Weier was able to manoeuvre with these celebrities and noblewomen.

When Warner saw that she was coping well, he went to greet the other partners.

It was Linville’s side of the room that was the liveliest.

“Ms. Linville, has anyone ordered the third dress in the show today?”

“I’ve got my eye on the fifth dress, I don’t think anyone is going to compete with me, right?”

“I want that finale gown, what are the procedures?”

“I want that finale gown too.”

“How about this, how about we have a fair bidding competition?”

It was not clear who had mentioned this idea, and the others chimed in.

In fact, many of them had come for that finale gown.

After this gown came out, it spread all over the internet and stunned countless people.

Especially those celebrities, stars, all wanted to have such a stunning battle dress.

Looking at the crowd who had all discussed how they wanted to campaign for the dress, Linville cried and laughed.

“Everyone, listen to me for a moment.”

She interrupted the crowd’s deliberations and apologised, “The gown you want is not in the sale tonight.”

Hearing this, many people were disappointed and returned without success.

Instead, one noblewoman stayed behind.

“Linville, why isn’t that gown in the sale?”

She had a good friendship with Linville, and usually had some privileges and priority in collecting gowns on Linville’s side.

That was why she had always had a sense of superiority.

But now that feeling of superiority was gone, it made her feel very uncomfortable.

Linville could also see her displeasure and explained, “It’s not that I don’t want to take it out, but this dress has already been bought at a high price, and you are one step late.”

The noblewoman frowned in disbelief and said, “Who is that man? How much did he offer, I’ll pay double.”

She looked at Linville arrogantly, “We’ve known each other for a day or two, what, you’re still afraid that I won’t be able to pay the price?”

Lin Weil was speechless, “I know you’re rich, but this is someone you can’t really compete with.”

“There’s someone I can’t compete with, who is that person?”

The noblewoman felt provoked and questioned again.

Lin Weir knew in her heart that if she didn’t talk to this person clearly, this person would definitely be unforgiving.

“Fine, I’ll tell you who that person is.”

After she finished, she smiled and pointed towards Feng Shenye who was standing not far away, “That person is him ……”

It turned out that at the end of the show, Feng Shenye had proposed to Warner that he wanted that finale dress.

And as Warner and Feng Shenye have been friends for many years, he naturally knew what he had in mind and agreed at once, selling the dress directly to his friend.

The noblewoman didn’t know any of this.

She looked up and down at Feng Shenye, who was not far away.

There was no denying that this man had a very good appearance and an extraordinary aura about him, but she did not put people in her mind because of this.

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