Always Been Yours Chapter 916

“I’m not at ease in my heart after all if you haven’t come back.”

Wen Shiyu knew that Feng Shenye was concerned about his own health, so she went up and took his hand, smiling, “Don’t worry, I won’t joke about my body.”


Feng Shenye stared back at Wen Shiyu with a helpless expression.

Wen Shiyu smiled, and then changed the subject, “Right, have you eaten, I have someone warming some soup in the kitchen, I’ll bring it to you, you want to drink some?”

Feng Shenye did not refuse, after all, it was his wife’s intention.

Meanwhile, Eunice, who had been out all day, had also returned home.

She walked upstairs and found the study light still on, so she went over and knocked on the door.

“Daddy, why aren’t you resting at this late hour?”

She leaned lazily against the door panel, concern everywhere in her words.

In the study, a middle-aged man with half-white hair sat in a wide desk.

The years had left their mark on the man, even to the extent that he was a little out of shape, but one could still vaguely tell from his features that the man had been a gentlemanly and handsome man in his youth.

This man is Eunice’s father, Walter, who is in charge of a listed company of tens of thousands of people.

It could be said that, apart from her status as a musical family, Eunice was also a veritable millennial.

“The company’s not done yet.”

As he said that, Walter smelled the smell of alcohol emanating from Eunice and frowned and said, “Why are you drinking so late, don’t you know it’s dangerous for a girl to be out alone at night?”

“I was hanging out with friends at the clubhouse and lost track of time for a while.”

Eunice also knew that her father was worried about her, so she didn’t care about his tone of voice.

Walter couldn’t do anything about it, so he dismissed her, “Since you’re back, go to your room and wash up and go to bed, don’t you have to go to the orchestra early tomorrow?”

At those words, Eunice was ready to leave, but she suddenly thought of something and stayed behind.

“Daddy, I want to ask you to do me a favour.”

“What kind of favour?”

“You help me investigate a man called Feng Shenye, who is a businessman who recently came from X.”

Since she had decided to get this man, Eunice intended to get to know him well first.

Unexpectedly, just as she said the name, her father’s surprised voice rang in her ears.

“You said Feng Shenye?”

“You know him?”

Eunice looked at her father’s expression with some surprise and expectation.

Walter shook his head, “Not really know him, I’ve just heard of him.”

“I thought you knew him, made me happy for nothing.”

Eunice’s tone was one of unspoken disappointment.

Walter was speechless, “I don’t know him, but I’ve heard a lot about him in my time.”

“What is it?”

Eunice immediately perked up, curiously pursuing the question.

Walter didn’t hide anything and sighed, “I heard that this young man is quite something, he’s been expanding his business in Vienna recently and his connections have gone all the way to the official side.”

Eunice’s eyes lit up as she listened.

She had not expected this man to have excelled to such an extent.

“Daddy, tell me more about this man.”

She pouted and stepped forward to take her father by the arm.

Walter, too, was a good father who doted on his daughter, and at once told all he knew.

“It is said that this young man has negotiated another big project today, one that many of our older companies in Vienna have been competing for recently.”

Walter’s words were full of admiration for Feng Shenye, sighing, “To be able to snatch this big order from the mouths of those old companies is a good indication of his outstanding ability, I heard that he has only been in Vienna for a few months, if we give him some more time, I am afraid that he will soon be able to take a place in Vienna.”

“He’s surprisingly good.”

Eunice exclaimed, and became even more impressed.

At this time, Walter also suddenly reacted and looked at his daughter inquisitively, asking, “Why are you asking about this young man?”

Eunice froze, and with a delicate smile on her face, confessed, “Because I have my eye on him.”

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