Always Been Yours Chapter 917

Hearing his daughter’s words, Walter raised an eyebrow, “Really?”

The tone was full of disbelief.

After all, he knew very well what kind of virtues his daughter was.

Almost all the men his daughter had her eye on were only hot for three minutes and got bored after they got their hands on them.

Eunice also heard her father’s perfunctory attitude and knew that he did not believe her.

At that moment, she put away the smirking look on her face and said seriously, “Daddy, I really have a crush on Feng Shenye.”

Feng Shenye was the first man she had ever known who had repeatedly refused and ignored her charm.

Apart from her desire to conquer Feng Shenye, there was something about this man that met all her requirements for a partner.

Walter did not know any of this.

He looked at his daughter’s serious look, his expression still one of disbelief.

It was really because he had been so badly fooled by his daughter over the years.

In previous years, he had been so intent on his daughter settling down that, after all, people his daughter’s age had gotten married and had children who could now play the piano.

But his daughter is still unsure of herself every day, either she has her eye on this man one day or that one the next, and there are many scandals going around.

At that time, he tried to discipline her, but his daughter promised to be nice, but when she turned her head, she still did what she was supposed to do.

When he thought of this, he instantly waved his hand without good grace, “All right, don’t fool me here again, hurry up and go to bed.”


Eunice was at once speechless.

She probably guessed what her father had in mind, and suddenly regretted a bit that she had played too much these past few years, so much so that now her father didn’t even trust herself.

“Daddy, I’m really not joking with you.”

She lowered her head and met her father’s eyes with unmistakable sincerity.

Walter froze for a moment and then gave a light hum, “When are you going to bring someone back to me so I can believe you’re serious.”

As for having Feng Shenye as his son-in-law, he was not at all repelled.

After all, this man’s excellence was evident to everyone and was worthy of his daughter.

Seeing this, Eunice spread her hands helplessly, “I also want to bring someone back to you, so this is not why I have come to seek your help.”

She said, stepping forward to take Walter’s arm affectionately and shaking it petulantly, “Daddy, just help me, I’ve tried to get in touch with this man a few times, and every time I’ve been greased, I don’t know how to do it.”

Walter looked at her hesitantly and finally gave in.

“How do you want me to help you?”

“How about this, if there are any party events in the future, as long as this Feng Shenye attends, you just remember to bring me along, I just don’t believe that if I appear around him so frequently, he will still be unmoved.”

Eunice’s eyes were shining with determination.

Walter, however, looked amazed.

Had his daughter really fallen for Feng Shenye this time?

After all, his daughter had never gone to such lengths for any man before, and had even come to him to ask for help.

“Okay, I’ll trust you once more, it just so happens that there’s a business reception the night after tomorrow, held by your Uncle Addison, and I heard him say that he’s invited Feng Shenye too, so you’ll come with me then.”

“I knew daddy loved me the most.”

Eunice happily hugged her father at once, the corners of her mouth curling into an enchanting smile.

At the same time, she had already started to calculate in her mind what dress she would wear the day after tomorrow, the best way to stun Feng Shenye.

Feng Shenye didn’t know that he was already on someone’s mind.

During this period of time, he had been in Vienna on a local visit and found that there was a lot of business that could be developed here, so he focused on this side.

He has a very good eye for investment in the market, and he can see a project at a glance.

These days, the general manager of the branch has been working alongside him.

In just two days, Feng Shenye had signed several projects one after another.

Watching the company’s performance rise day by day because of Feng Shenye, the general manager was very impressed with the young president.

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