Always Been Yours Chapter 919

He said, raising his hand to rub the little one’s soft black hair.

“Don’t rub my hair, the hairstyle is ruined.”

While protecting his hair, little Bao’er couldn’t help but stress again, “Daddy has to remember my words, you can’t let other women come near you, otherwise Mommy will be sad and I will be angry too.”

Looking at his little serious-faced son, Feng Shenye nodded dotingly, indicating that he knew.

Wen Shiyu stood by the side the whole time watching the interaction between father and son, her heart warming up.

After packing up, Feng Shenye took Xu Yan and set off for the reception.

The reception was held at a private club.

There was a large crowd of guests, brightly dressed and gregarious.

Eunice had followed her father to the venue early.

Because she wanted to stun Feng Shenye, she had put a lot of thought into her outfit tonight.

It would not be an exaggeration to describe her as a showstopper.

A red deep V tight dress showed off her exquisite figure to the fullest, her features were beautifully painted with makeup, and her long brown curly hair was casually scattered, enchanting and flirtatious.

Almost all the male guests at the venue were attracted to her.

Other celebrities, on the other hand, were staring at Eunice with jealous eyes, full of malice.

“This vixen, dressed like this, there’s no telling who she’s trying to seduce this time.”

“No, I’ll have to keep a close eye on my man.”

“D*mn, why is this woman coming to the reception, doesn’t she not like these events?”

It’s no wonder these people are so repulsed by Eunice.

It was really because Eunice’s previous style was very offensive.

In the past, she would do whatever she could to get any man she saw, even if that man had a wife and a girlfriend.

Of course, Eunice had heard some of the talk about these people.

It was just that her mind was all on Feng Shenye right now, and she didn’t want to pay attention to these people for the time being.

She kept her eyes on the door and waited with baited breath.

Finally, half an hour later, Feng Shenye appeared with Xu Yan in tow.

As soon as he appeared, his perfect features and innate noble and uncommon aura instantly made him the centre of attention.

“Who is this man? Simply handsome!”

“It’s over, I feel my heart fluttering.”

“What to do, I want to go over and strike up a conversation with him so badly.”

Many celebrities were looking at Feng Shenye with fondness and stupidity.

Eunice looked at Feng Shenye smittenly, her eyes brimming with light.


She murmured softly and smiled enchantingly.

Feng Shenye was naturally aware of the gazes being cast around him, but he didn’t pay any attention to them.

It was Xu Yan, who was following him, who could not help but sigh silently in his heart when he saw the celebrities making fools of themselves all around.

Sure enough, even after his marriage, the charm of his CEO was still growing.

In the middle of his thoughts, he saw the organiser approaching and hastily collected his thoughts, turning back into the shrewd and capable a*sistant he used to be, standing quietly beside the president.

“It’s a great honor to have Mr. Feng here for the reception.”

The organiser greeted Feng Shenye politely.

Feng Shenye nodded blandly.

After the two exchanged a few pleasantries, the organiser very enthusiastically took Feng Shenye to meet his clients.

“This is the president of the Feng Group, Mr. Feng.”

“Mr Feng, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Many people greeted politely.

Even though some of them were older than Feng Shenye, the ability that Feng Shenye had shown during this period of time was something that they could not underestimate.

After a brief introduction, the group began to talk freely.

Probably because Feng Shenye was from X, the topic of conversation unknowingly came up about the X market.

Feng Shenye also had the intention of bringing in these people’s companies to work with the Feng Group, so he gave a general introduction of the domestic economy.

After listening, the crowd was amazed, “I didn’t expect the X country market to have developed so prosperously nowadays.”

“Mr Feng’s proposal is very good, when we go back I will have someone go to X country to a*sess it, when the time comes to expand the business, I hope Mr Feng will take care of it more.”


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