Always Been Yours Chapter 920

Feng Shenye naturally did not refuse.

As they were talking, Walter came over at this time with Eunice.

“Addison, what are you guys talking about, I heard your laughter from a long way away.”

He called the organiser’s name, but his eyes fell on Feng Shenye, and the more he looked at him, the more satisfied he became.

Not bad, such a fine man was worthy of his daughter.

Addison didn’t notice his friend’s difference and smiled, “We were talking about going to X to expand our business, let Mr. Feng take care of us then, by the way, this is the president of Feng’s group, Mr. Feng, I think you haven’t heard much about it recently.”

“Indeed, I haven’t heard much about it, it’s like a thunderbolt.”

Walter said, taking the initiative to greet Feng Shenye.

Feng Shenye nodded lightly, then saw Eunice standing next to him and frowned without leaving a trace.

Eunice also pretended to be surprised at this time, “Mr. Feng, I didn’t expect to see you here, what a coincidence!”

“It is quite a coincidence.”

Out of politeness, he responded blandly.

Addison looked at the two with some surprise, “You know each other?”

“Yes, I know each other.”

Eunice didn’t deny it because she wanted to climb into a relationship.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she said that, Feng Shenye’s cold and distant voice rang in her ears, “I’ve only met him twice.”

At these words, everyone else froze.

The smile on Eunice’s face was almost unbearable, and her whole face was chagrined and a little embarra*sed.

She hadn’t expected this man to be so ungrateful to her.

Walter also frowned, relieving the atmosphere for his daughter and said with a smile, “It’s okay, meeting is fate, you can get to know each other better sometime, our Eunice is very cheerful, she and Mr. Feng will definitely get along well.”

Hearing his friend’s words, Addison immediately understood the meaning and acted as a bride.

“I see that you two have a good couple, so how about the opening dance later on, why don’t you let Mr. Feng and my niece dance?”

“That’s fine.”

Hearing Addison’s words, Eunice nodded her head in agreement without thinking, with a delicate smile on her face.

She even thought that Uncle Addison had very good eyes.

But no sooner had she said it than Feng Shenye’s cold voice rang in her ears.

“I don’t know how to dance, Mr. Addison should hire someone else.”

Of course, it wasn’t that Feng Shenye didn’t know how to dance, he just didn’t want to dance with Eunice.

This woman had deliberately approached him three or four times, which made him feel a bit disgusted.

The atmosphere became a little stagnant.

Walter’s face looked a little bad.

He felt that Feng Shenye was too disrespectful to his daughter.

Addison’s face was also a bit uncomfortable.

Eunice, not to mention her face, froze.

She had never been rejected in public like this before.

At the same time, she was not willing to do so.

She didn’t want to envelop the fact that Shen Ye didn’t have any feelings for her at all.

After all, how could there be a man in the world who didn’t cheat on his wife.

Besides, she was dressed even more charmingly than before today.

At that moment, she pretended not to understand Feng Shenye’s polite refusal and said with a delicate smile, “It’s okay that Mr. Feng doesn’t know how to dance, I can teach you.”

The last word, she deliberately trailed off, her voice seductive and provocative.

Feng Shenye’s face went cold, and the air around him dropped several degrees.

Xu Yan watched from the side, secretly smacking his lips.

The young lady’s sister was too shameless, right?

The others also sensed that something was wrong.

Only when they didn’t wait for Addison to say something to lighten the mood, Xu Yan smiled and stepped forward to explain for his family’s president.

“Everyone, it’s like this, our president’s wife is rather strict in her control, it’s really inconvenient.”

Hearing this, everyone else was surprised.

“President Feng is all married, huh?”

Addison said, looking at Walter in confusion.

After all, this best friend of his had just tried to set the two up.

Walter didn’t notice the look in his best friend’s eyes.

He furrowed his brow tightly, thinking to himself that this Mr Feng was married, wouldn’t his daughter have no chance.

Thinking about this, he turned his eyes to look at his daughter, only to find that his daughter didn’t even care.

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