Always Been Yours Chapter 922

Smelling the pungent perfume in the air, Feng Shenye’s face instantly darkened and sank, his anger rising visibly.

He stood upright in his spot, the low pressure emanating from his body was so overwhelming that people could hardly breathe.

He was still oblivious to the fact that Eunice continued to make a fool of herself.

“Mr. Feng, this is not X, you don’t have to be so rigid, we are all having fun together, having fun is most important, isn’t it?”

She tilted her head, her eyes smitten as she looked at Feng Shenye’s cold face, and continued to tempt, “Of course, if you are afraid that Little Sister will know, you don’t say anything, I don’t say anything, Little Sister won’t know either, and when you return, you will still be Little Sister’s Mr. Nice.”

Once these words came out, Feng Shenye’s black eyes instantly filled with sharp ice slag, and the cold Qi gathered around him was like an iceberg that would not melt for a thousand years.

Xu Yan stood next to him, his teeth chattering from the cold, and his eyebrows jumping furiously.

At this moment, he really wanted to put two wings on his body, so that he could fly far away and escape from this dangerous area.

Just because the president of his family is very scary when he gets angry ……

Xu Yan looked at the president who was in full rage and was retreating again and again.

“Should it be almost done here? It shouldn’t spill over to me, right?”

He muttered to himself and looked at the distance between himself and the president again and felt that it should be safe before he stopped.

After standing still, he resumed his gaze at the situation on the president’s side.

On the other side, Feng Shenye had already distanced himself from Eunice and had taken a handkerchief out of his pocket, carefully wiping the clothes on his body as if he was wiping something dirty.

I don’t know if it was a psychological effect, but he felt that the jacket on his body smelled disgustingly of that woman no matter how he wiped it.

In the end he simply gave up on saving the jacket and threw the handkerchief and the jacket straight into the trash, his disgust evident.

Eunice watched, her face distorted in anger.

The man was clearly punching her in the face.

At the same time, the desire to conquer grew even stronger in her.

She must take this man, make this man obsessed with her, and wash away the shame she had just felt!

“Mr. Feng, it’s no fun for you to be so endless.”

She suppressed her inner fire and looked at Feng Shenye with a smile again, “We’re all adults, aren’t we?”

At these words, Feng Shenye gave her a sullen look, how could he not see what this woman was thinking.

“First of all, I respect you and put up with you because you are my wife’s senior sister, however, since we have come to this point, there are some things that I think perhaps I have to make clear to you, Miss Eunice.”

He said, pausing for a moment, the disgust under his eyes was not hidden in the slightest, “I don’t like chickens, so this scratching of your head is of no use to me, I hope you can show some self-respect and not stain my eyes here.”

Eunice froze.

Probably because she had never been scolded so bluntly before and didn’t react for a moment.

After a few moments, she came back to her senses and scolded in annoyance, “Who are you calling a chicken?”

Although Feng Shenye did not respond, the look on his face already gave the answer.

Eunice naturally understood and was instantly furious, saying, “It’s your good fortune that this lady likes you, what are you to pretend with me?”

As soon as these words came out, Feng Shenye’s face turned dark, and a frighteningly fierce aura emanated from his body.

Even though Xu Yan was hiding far away at the moment, he could feel that scalp-tingling anger, causing him to shiver.

It had been a long time since he had seen such an angry president.

Looking at the woman who was still arrogant and didn’t even know she was about to be in trouble, he was inwardly impressed.

He had seen people who had done it before, but he had never seen anyone who was so desperate.

Now he just begged the president to clean up this man so that he could take his anger off and not involve them, the innocent people.

Naturally, Eunice could not hear Xu Yan’s heart.

Nor did she know if it was because she was too angry, she didn’t feel any of the compelling aura emanating from Feng Shenye’s body.

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