Always Been Yours Chapter 923

She lifted her chin and looked at Feng Shenye condescendingly, saying sarcastically, “Don’t think I don’t know that you can look at a goods like Wen Shiyu, isn’t it because of the child in her belly? I’ve heard all about it, you got married because you were pregnant.”

At this point, she deliberately paused and straightened her back, striking a charming pose.

As Feng Shenye watched, the expression on his face became even colder, as if a thick layer of cold ice had been placed on it.

He said, “Look at me, my body is sexier than Wen Shiyu’s, and my status is higher than that woman’s. You still can’t see me, are you blind?”

Looking at such a shameless woman, Feng Shenye laughed in anger.

“If you don’t know anything, don’t be so smug and shameful here.”

He sneered and hooked his lips, his voice as cold as frost, “Besides, I don’t think my wife is inferior to you, you’re not even worthy to carry her shoes.”

Right then and there, he complimented Wen Shiyu, and even more so, he reduced Eunice to dust.

“You think you are infinitely charming, but in fact you are just a plaything in the eyes of those men, just a dirty person like you, you are also worthy to be compared to my wife?”

Eunice’s delicate face was black and blue as she listened to the man’s uncritical insults.

Her hands were clenched into fists, her heart burning with anger.

As if Feng Shenye did not see the anger on her face, he continued to speak venomously, “To be honest, if it weren’t for the fact that you are my wife’s senior sister, for a piece of goods like you, I normally wouldn’t even look at you more than once.”

“You lie!”

Eunice could not accept such a statement from Feng Shenye.

She did not believe that the charm she prided herself on was worthless in front of this man.

“Mr. Feng, don’t talk so full of words, you just haven’t touched me yet, if you had, you wouldn’t say that.”

She stared at Feng Shenye with a sly gaze.

Under the moonlight, the man stood upright, his white shirt meticulously buttoned and ascetic, with his cool and handsome features, like a nobleman from the Middle Ages.

Only there was an undisguised look of disgust in those dark eyes.

“As I said, I don’t like chickens.”

When Feng Shenye finished speaking, he turned around with the intention of leaving.

What needed to be said had been said, and he didn’t want to let this disgusting woman stain his eyes again.

Eunice, on the other hand, was about to explode with anger.

Being described as that kind of person twice at a time, how could she put up with it.

“You’re not leaving!”

She quickly stepped up to stop Feng Shenye from going.

Feng Shenye’s face immediately sank, and his patience ran out.

But Eunice did not see it.

At this moment, she only had one thing on her mind, and that was to push this man down and sleep with him.

She must conquer this man, she must make this man pick up the humiliations he had inflicted on her one by one!

“Mr. Feng, believe me, as long as you touch me, I will definitely bring you more pleasure than Little Sister.”

As she spoke, she had already walked in front of Feng Shenye.

Then, she stood on her tiptoes and was about to wrap her arms around Feng Shenye before delivering a fragrant kiss.

Seeing this scene, Xu Yan, who was hiding beside her, was dumbfounded.

What’s more, he felt that this woman called Eunice was really tired of living, and she even wanted to force her family’s president.

Looking at his family president again, it was true that his face was so gloomy that it seemed like water could drip out of it, which was very frightening.

On the other side, Feng Shenye looked at the woman who had taken the initiative to stick up for him, and his eyes were stern.

In the next second, he sharply dodged the woman’s outstretched hand.

Stunned by the lunge, Eunice was stunned.

How could she have imagined that Feng Shenye would still be able to dodge herself from such a close distance?

But not waiting for her annoyance, the weightlessness of her body made her panic.

“Help ……”

She subconsciously exclaimed, waving her arms, trying to grab something.

But there was nothing around that she could grab.

As for Feng Shenye, he stood beside her with a cold face, with no intention of moving at all.

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