Always Been Yours Chapter 928

During the cla*s, Sofia was strict with Wen Shiyu.

In particular, she caught Wen Shiyu with a question and even repeatedly asked Wen Shiyu to practice it until she had memorised it by muscle memory, and then she let it go.

During this period, although Wen Shiyu was scolded, she was always in a very good frame of mind.

Because she knew that her teacher was being so strict for her own good, she learned very carefully.

Little Bao’er was beside herself, having finished his daily training.

He didn’t want to bother his mummy either, so he slipped out of the training room alone.

After leaving, the little one went to the other orchestra’s practice room to hang out.

When the other members of the orchestra saw the little one, they all greeted him warmly.

“Bao’er, training is over?”

“Bao’er, where are you going here?”

“Bao’er, don’t you wander off.”

They all loved the little one, and some even took out their own snacks.

Whenever this happened, little Bao’er thanked them with a sweet mouth, “Thank you pretty auntie.”

“That little mouth is so sweet.”

“Yes, it’s all as sweet as honey.”

Everyone was very happy with little Bao’er, talking and laughing.

When the atmosphere was just right, Eunice came over, and with one glance she saw little Bao’er in the crowd, and her eyes went cold for a moment.

Because the sight of this little one reminded her of Wen Shiyu and the warning that woman had given her this morning, a fire rose up in her heart.

“What’s all the noise in here?”

She walked over and gave a reprimand, “This is the orchestra, the place where you are told to train for work, talking and laughing, do you treat this place like a park?”

Everyone was dumbfounded by the scolding, and they all fell silent.

After scolding the members, Eunice stared sternly at Little Treasure and scolded, “And you, don’t you know that you can’t run around during training time? Do you know that your presence will disturb the others!”

Little Treasure’s little body trembled as he looked at Eunice who was angry with him.

He was actually scared inside, but he thought of so many brothers and sisters being scolded because of him, and with a small voice he explained, “I’ve only been here for a short while, and, when I came, my brothers and sisters were all resting here and not training.”

“How dare you argue, even if they were resting, but because of your presence, the rest they were supposed to finish was extended by you, and now you dare to say that you didn’t disturb them?”

Eunice reprimanded unrelentingly.

There was a little bit of sophistry in what she said, so that the usually childish Bao’er could not refute it.

Little Bao’er’s pink lips were pursed tightly, and his black and white eyes were filled with chagrin.

Had he really disturbed his brothers and sisters?

His doubts were not answered, and once again Eunice’s scolding came to his ears, “Why don’t you say anything now, weren’t you quite talkative just now? I don’t know what Little Sister taught you, at such a young age, you’re already so good at arguing with adults.”

Outside the training room, Wen Shiyu happened to hear this and her face immediately sank.

It turned out that she had finished training and found that Little Treasure had disappeared, so she had come out on purpose to look for her.

Unexpectedly, she had just walked here when she heard Second Senior Sister’s harsh accusations and scolding.

“What’s going on?”

With a sullen face, she strides into the training room and comes to Little Treasure’s side, locking eyes with Eunice.

Eunice’s eyes half narrowed as anger churned in her heart once more.

This b*tch had come at the right time, she was worried about not having the chance to teach this b*tch a lesson.

At that moment, she started to pick a fight, putting on the act of being a senior sister, “This is also what I want to ask junior sister, how do you teach your children, not learning at a young age, not taking the initiative to admit when they have made a mistake, and even talking back to their elders and sophistry.”

Hearing these words, Wen Shiyu’s face immediately turned not so good.

Little Bao’er stood beside her, also aggrieved, and her face turned red.

“Mummy, I didn’t.”

He timidly tugged at Wen Shiyu’s sleeve, his voice tinged with tears.

Wen Shiyu was heartbroken.

Normally, even if little Bao’er had made a mistake, she wouldn’t have been able to be so mean to him.

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