Always Been Yours Chapter 929

What’s more, Bao’er had always been well behaved and almost rarely made mistakes or did anything rude.

Just before she could say anything, Unina’s harsh voice came again.

“Look, here comes the sophistry again, no upbringing at all.”

Wen Shiyu’s face turned a few more shades colder.

She glanced at Eunice, not going to pay attention to this person for the time being.

“Don’t be afraid, Bao’er, tell mummy, what happened?”

She squatted down in front of little Bao’er, her voice gentle with a soothing query.

Little Bao’er met her mummy’s tolerant eyes and was instantly soothed.

“I finished training and saw that Mummy and Grandma Master were still in cla*s, so I came out to play alone, just as my brothers and sisters were also taking a break, and they were afraid I would walk out, so they took me here to play, and then Auntie Eunice appeared and said I was disturbing my brothers and sisters.”

He told them exactly what had just happened.

Wen Shiyu was furious after hearing it.

It was completely like Eunice was looking for trouble for nothing.

“Second senior sister, why make such a big deal out of it, it was supposed to be break time, a little kid pa*sing by, is it worth you using the word upbringing to reprimand?”

She stood up and disliked Eunice with an expressionless face.

Eunice also knew that she was not reasonable, but in the situation at hand, she would not allow herself to lose to Wen Shiyu.

Only when she didn’t wait for her to speak, Wen Shiyu interrupted her first, the corners of her mouth curled up into a sarcastic smile, “Again, when it comes to upbringing, Second Sister is afraid that she can’t even compare to a child.”

For some reason, when Eunice saw the smile at the corner of Wen Shiyu’s mouth, her heart jumped, feeling that something bad would happen.

And indeed it did.

Wen Shiyu’s clear, cold voice with a few sneers rang out in the training room.

“After all, if Second Senior Sister was truly educated, how would she do something like seducing someone else’s husband?”

At these words, everyone else in the scene erupted.

Although they had all heard more or less gossip about Eunice, no one had ever said it so provocatively.

“So now it’s Little Sister and Head Eunice declaring war?”

“With all the talk, it’s definitely a rip-off.”

“Little Sister is so rigid in her temper, I like it.”

These voices were not loud, but they were loud enough for Eunice to hear.

At this moment, her face looked ugly and embarra*sed.

These words of Wen Shiyu were undoubtedly tearing down her cover.

“Wen Shiyu!”

She gritted her teeth.

Wen Shiyu was not afraid and straightened her back to confront her, “What do you want to teach me, Second Sister?”

Seeing that the atmosphere was tense, Sofia came.

She looked at the two who were clearly at odds and frowned, “What are you arguing about?”


Seeing her, both Wen Shiyu and Eunice collected their expressions and called out in a good manner.

Everyone else quietened down too.

Little Bao’er was close to Wen Shiyu, her voice soft with a bit of aggression, “Grandmother Teacher.”

Sofia instantly heard that something was wrong and immediately inquired, “What’s wrong with Bao’er?”

Just without waiting for little Bao’er to respond, Eunice snatched up the general story.

Of course, she said it so tactfully that there was no suspicion at all that she was deliberately looking for a fight.

“That’s pretty much it, I’m just strict about my work, I didn’t expect Little Sister to spoil the child so much that she wouldn’t even allow anyone to say anything.”

Hearing this, Wen Shiyu was outright exasperated.

Sofia took in both of their expressions and knew that her second apprentice should still be hiding something.

She frowned and said, “Although it is true that you are serious about your work, you are making a bit of a big deal out of it, Bao’er is normally very well-behaved and is not a child who will cause trouble.”

She was actually biased towards little Bao’er.

Eunice naturally heard it too.

Even though she was very upset, she didn’t dare to act out in front of the teacher.

Sofia just pretended not to see her displeasure and continued, “All right, let’s do what we need to do and stop huddling here.”

Eunice was unable to do so and could only leave with a soft grunt.

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