Always Been Yours Chapter 972

“Five million times?”

Wen Shiyu was surprised.

It could be said that this number of downloads was simply beyond her expectations.

Looking at Wen Shiyu’s rare loss of composure, Sofia lost her smile and joked, “Now you’re a big celebrity in our orchestra.”

“Teacher is exaggerating, I am not a celebrity at all, the real celebrities are you and your senior brother and sister.”

Wen Shiyu shook her head modestly.

Sofia looked at the girl who was not arrogant or impatient and nodded her head in satisfaction, her tone was a bit spoiled, “You, are just too modest.”

Wen Shiyu smiled.

At this time, Sofia suddenly turned her words around and said, “Now that you’ve trained almost as well, originally I’ve been considering your development, right now since you’re so popular online, I’m going to let you take the solo route for now, what do you think?

“I’ll listen to my teacher.”

Wen Shiyu replied obediently.

She believed that her teacher would not harm her.

Sofia nodded, “Since you don’t have an opinion, then I’m going to make you an album of the tunes you compose later, test the waters first, and if the response is good, then you can hold a solo concert.”

Wen Shiyu froze, surprised and delighted.

“I will compose well and live up to my teacher’s expectations.”

“I believe in you.”

Sofia patted Wen Shiyu’s shoulder in encouragement.

The two then talked about the details for a while longer.

At the end, Sofia suddenly thought of something and said in a serious tone, “Although you are very popular now, you still need to sink your heart into training, you still have a long way to go, don’t get caught up in the momentary fame.”

“I know.”

Wen Shiyu knew that her teacher was worried that she would become impatient by her immediate achievements and nodded obediently.

When she returned that evening, she couldn’t wait to share the news with Feng Shenye, “I might be very busy after that, and there’s a chance I won’t be able to talk to you on the phone every day.”

“That’s okay, you can contact me when you’re free, but you mustn’t be too tired and make me worry.”

Feng Shenye was naturally supportive of Wen Shiyu’s dream, but was only worried about her health.

Little Bao’er was also beside herself with happiness for her mummy and all sorts of rainbow fart bragging, “Mummy is so good.”

In the following days, Wen Shiyu began to dive into writing new songs.

Sofia was also working on the recording of the album herself.

After all, this was Wen Shiyu’s first solo album, so she took it very seriously.

The recording was not the same as the previous one, it was very elaborate.

And word of this soon spread through the band.

“I’m so jealous, why am I not a student of Senior Sofia?”

“With Senior Sofia personally planning it, Wen Shiyu looks very close to complete fame.”

“What should I do, I’m so jealous, I’m so jealous.”

“It’s useless to be envious and jealous, who told us that we are not as talented and gifted as others.”

“That’s true, hey, it’s really a case of people being more talented than others.”

The crowd discussed and did not forget to send congratulations to Wen Shiyu.

Karen and Daniela, as senior brothers and sisters, also planned to go and congratulate their little sister.

Originally they had also called Eunice, but Eunice had refused.

Eunice didn’t like Wen Shiyu, so she couldn’t possibly go to congratulate her.

As for the other senior brothers and sisters, they were not in Vienna because they had a performance.

Wen Shiyu did not know this, but was happy to see the two senior brothers and sisters coming over.

“Little senior brother, fifth senior sister, what brings you here?”

Little Bao’er was also beside herself and called out nicely, “Uncle Karen, Auntie Daniela.”

“Good boy.”

After the two greeted Little Treasure, they talked about the reason for their visit, “I heard that you are going to release an album, so I came here to congratulate you and ask if there is anything I need to help by the way.”

Wen Shiyu’s heart warmed as she listened, “There’s nothing I need help with for now, but maybe later, I won’t be polite to my senior brother and sister when the time comes.”

“You just don’t have to be polite.”

And so they laughed and joked.

Later in the evening, after sending off senior brothers and sisters, Wen Shiyu suddenly felt a bit stressed.

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