Always Been Yours Chapter 973

After all, it takes a lot of effort and energy to make a good tune, not to mention the fact that it is now expected by so many people.

She was terrified that she wouldn’t do enough to please people and disappoint them.

And now that her belly was bulging, her energy was not what it used to be.

And indeed that was true.

After half a month of intense work, Wen Shiyu’s whole body had lost a lot of weight.

On this day, Feng Shenye missed her so much in China that he deliberately called her on video during his break.


As soon as the video was connected, Wen Shiyu’s slightly exhausted voice came from inside.

Feng Shenye looked at the person in the video and tightly knitted his brows.

In the video, Wen Shiyu’s originally somewhat fleshy cheeks were as thin as anything at the moment.

“I’ve only been gone for less than half a month and you’ve already tossed yourself into this state?”

He glared at Wen Shiyu in a very unpleasant manner.

Seeing the man’s somewhat angry look, Wen Shiyu suddenly felt a little weak, “I didn’t toss myself.”

“If you didn’t toss yourself, would you be this thin?”

Feng Shenye looked at Wen Shiyu in a serious manner, with a tone of settling accounts, “Tell me, have you not been eating properly lately?”

Don’t say it, he really fooled Wen Shiyu with this look, thinking that the man was really angry.

After all, Wen Shiyu knew very well how much this man cared for himself.

“Honey, don’t be angry, I have eaten properly, you can ask Bao’er if you don’t believe me, it’s just that I don’t know why I’ve still lost weight.”

She pouted all kinds of good words before Feng Shenye pretended to forgive her, “There is no next time, otherwise I will let the housekeeper lock your study room every night.”

Hearing the man’s words, Wen Shiyu cried and laughed, but still nodded and agreed, adding, “Tomorrow is the weekend, the teacher told me to take Bao’er home to rest.”

“Then you will rest well tomorrow, no tunes, I will ask the housekeeper and Bao’er to supervise you.”

Feng Shenye made a request.

Wen Shiyu could only agree.

Not long after hanging up the phone, the housekeeper came knocking on the door.

“Young Madam, this is the tonic that Young Master ordered the kitchen to stew, so you can drink it before you go to bed.”

As he spoke, he brought the tonic to Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu’s heart warmed up and she drank it all in one gulp straight away.

A good night’s sleep.


The following afternoon, Wen Shiyu was lazily sunbathing in the garden with little Bao’er when the housekeeper came over.

“Young Madam, Miss Mona is here.”

Wen Shiyu was a little surprised and took Little Treasure back to the living room.

“Shiyu, Bao’er, I’ve come to see you.”

Mona greeted joyfully when she saw the two of them.

Little Bao’er called out nicely.

Wen Shiyu nodded in response with a smile, then invited the two to sit on the sofa.

Mo Na looked around and said curiously, “Today is the weekend, is Mr Feng not at home with you and Bao’er?”

“He’s gone back to China, so only Bao’er and I are left at home.”

Wen Shiyu spoke generally.

Mo Na hemmed and hawed, “So that’s how it is, since Mr. Feng is not here, let’s go out shopping.”

Wen Shiyu didn’t refuse, she hadn’t gone shopping for a long time either.

In the afternoon, the two big ones had a great time and bought a lot of things.

At the end of the evening, they didn’t go back either, so they dined out, planning to go shopping around after dinner.

It was also at this time that Wen Shiyu received a call from Sofia.

“Is there something wrong, teacher?”

“Nothing much, just want you to come to the house for dinner.”

“This ……”

Wen Shiyu was a little hesitant.

On the other end, Sofia sensed the difference and asked, “What, do you have something else going on?”

“That’s not really true, it’s that I’m with a friend.”

“No harm in that, you can ask your friend to come with you.”

Sofia didn’t care and invited directly.

Wen Shiyu agreed.

After the phone hung up, she turned to Mona and invited, “Teacher asked me to go to her house for dinner, you can come along too.”

“I can go too?”

Mona was flattered and excited, “Shiyu, I love you to death.”

She knew very well that Senior Sofia must have invited herself for the sake of Wen Shiyu.

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