Always Been Yours Chapter 985

“That’s a good idea.”

Pei Xin Yi agreed and added, “When the baby is born, we’ll carry it to us to raise it, and by then, you’ll be retired and at home, so you can bring up the baby with me.”

The last words she said were addressed to Feng Tianyi.

The two of them imagined that they would be at home with their grandchildren in the future, and they were sure to envy many people.

Seeing this, Feng Shenjin couldn’t help but throw cold water on her parents, “It’s better not to dream, how could my brother leave the children to you.”

Pei Xin Yi didn’t like what she heard, and immediately disliked it.

“How is it impossible, that girl has to pursue her dreams abroad, does she have time to bring up the child? And your brother, running the company, does he have the time?”

Feng Tianyi also chimed in, “Can you talk, you child, has it been so long since you’ve been hit that your skin itches?”

Feng Shenjin looked at his father who was about to hit him and said he couldn’t afford to mess with him, so he dropped his chopsticks and went to the office.

The rest of the day, Wen Shiyu trained and created at the same time, her life was uneventful and happy.

Her creative work, perhaps because she had broken through the bottleneck, was much smoother than before.

Feng Shenye would also take her out for a walk from time to time.

In a week’s time, Wen Shiyu had finally finished all five of her songs, and each one was a masterpiece.

The next day, she happily took all the pieces to her teacher’s office.

“Teacher, I’ve finished all the tunes, take a look.”

She said, and handed the scores to Sofia.

Sofia took it and checked it carefully, nodding her head in satisfaction, “Since the tunes are finished, the next step is to record them, these tunes, how is your proficiency?”

“I’ve practiced them all during this period of time, and they are all familiar enough to try recording.”

Wen Shiyu answered truthfully.

Sofia nodded her head, “Then we will start recording this afternoon.”

That afternoon, Wen Shiyu followed her in the studio to record, but it didn’t go very well.

Because the sound of the piano pa*sed through the condenser microphone, there would be some minor deterioration, which required Wen Shiyu to adjust the playing weight to achieve that effect live.

So all afternoon, not a single song was recorded.

And word of the fact that she had started recording an album soon spread through the orchestra.

Many members of the group were praising Wen Shiyu.

“In less than a month, Little Sister has done five fine tunes, that’s amazing.”

“I’m now starting to look forward to the finished product coming out.”

“Not bad for a student personally chosen by senior Sofia, this talent is beyond anyone’s reach.”

Hearing these compliments, Eunice and Susan were extremely uncomfortable in their hearts.

Because neither of them wanted Wen Shiyu to make an album and be famous.

Eunice did not look too good as she returned to her office.

After she locked the door behind her, she took her mobile phone straight away and called Mu Wanxian.

“What’s the matter again?”

On the other end of the line, Mu Wanxian was woken up and her tone was bad.

Eunice couldn’t care less and directly said what was going on over here, “Right now Wen Shiyu is already recording songs, according to her ability, she can have all the songs recorded in a week at most, when do you plan to lure Feng Shenye away, if the songs are all recorded, I won’t be able to stop Wen Shiyu.”

“I know, I’ll deploy it tomorrow when I go to the company.”

After the words were said, Mu Wanxian hung up the phone straight away.


The next day, Mu Wanxian went to the company early in the morning.

When she entered the office, she called her beloved a*sistant in and instructed, “You go check Feng Shenjin’s whereabouts for the past two days.”

The a*sistant was a bit puzzled, not understanding why the president was focusing on Feng Shenjin again, but he nodded and went to do it.

In fact, Mu Wanxian’s sword was also on the edge.

She knew very well that only a critical matter could lure Feng Shenye back.

So she planned to put Feng Shen Jin under house arrest for two days and make it look like he was missing, so that Feng Shen Ye would definitely come back to take charge of the situation.

But before she could carry out her plan, an accident happened.

There was a fire in the Sofia Orchestra!

Probably because many of the orchestra’s buildings were made of wood, the fire spread very quickly.

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