Always Been Yours Chapter 986

In a short while, several rooms in a row burst into flames, and the flames lit up a large part of the night sky.

On the side of the street, pa*sers-by saw the flames and each one let out a cry of alarm.

“There’s a fire over there, go and take a look.”

“Quickly call the fire alarm.”

“No, we have to put out the fire quickly, otherwise the floors below will be affected too, and I don’t know if there is anyone in the building?”

Everyone looked at the fire with worry on their faces.

It was only the next day that Wen Shiyu knew about the fire in the music group.

When she learnt the news, she couldn’t even bother to tell Feng Shenye, so she hurriedly asked the housekeeper to prepare a car and rushed over.

It was Xiao Bao’er who, on the contrary, hurriedly chased after Wen Shiyu when he learnt that she was going to the orchestra.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t catch up with the small car.

“Strange, why didn’t Mummy take me with her when she went to the orchestra?”

After all, the two had always gone to the orchestra together in the past.

Not long after, Feng Shenye also came downstairs.

Seeing that little Bao’er was alone in the living room, he inquired, “Where is your mommy?”

“Mummy went to the orchestra and forgot to take me with her.”

Little Bao’er said, depressed.

On the other hand, when Wen Shiyu arrived at the orchestra, the fire had already been doused.

There were still quite a few media covering the scene.

There were also quite a few members of the orchestra standing around, talking about it.

“How did the fire start when it was fine?”

“We also all checked the electric switches in all the four places when we left, there shouldn’t have been such an accident. ”

“Could the check have been missed?”

Sofia listened to the discussion around her, her face not looking very good as she stood next to her.

A few of her students were also standing by with bad looks on their faces.

Seeing this, Wen Shiyu hurriedly went forward and asked with concern, “Teacher, are you alright? How come it suddenly caught fire?”

“It said it was caused by a short circuit.”

Sofia briefly explained the situation.

Wen Shiyu was a bit surprised, he didn’t expect that the circuit was the problem.

The teacher’s voice rang in his ears again, “The good thing is that this fire didn’t spread much, only the training room where you usually train and a few surrounding training rooms.”

Wen Shiyu froze and hurriedly said with concern, “So was anyone hurt?”

“Everyone is fine, when the fire started last night, everyone left, it’s just the equipment in the recording room and your sheet music that got burnt quite a bit.”

Speaking here, Sofia paused, as if thinking of something, and enquired, “Did you make a backup of that sheet music?”

Wen Shiyu was relieved to hear that no one had been hurt, and as for the scores, she didn’t care much.

Because of the previous theft, she was now very concerned about the music, just in case something happened

“Yes, I’ve made a backup.”

“It’s good to have made a backup.”

Sofia put her foot down too.

At that moment, a fire officer came over, “Ms. Sofia, the dark fire and dangerous stuff inside, it’s all taken care of, you can have someone go in and clean it up.”

“Okay, thank you guys.”

Sofia thanked her and then greeted the students and other members around her.

“Karen, you go and contact the renovation company to come over.”

“Daniela, you go get some workers and move those burnt out things out of the training room.”

“The others come in with me to clean up.”

She arranged the work for the others in a well-organised manner.

Everyone nodded their heads and went to work as instructed.

Wen Shiyu was also ready to go in and help clean up.

Only as soon as she made her move, she was called by Sofia.

“Teacher, is there anything else?”

“You shouldn’t follow in, you’re heavy now and it’s bad for the children with all the pandemonium inside.”

“But ……”

Knowing that the teacher was thinking of himself, just Wen Shiyu felt that the senior brothers and sisters, and other orchestra members were here to clean up, it wasn’t good for him to go back.

Perhaps she saw Wen Shiyu’s hesitation, Sofia directly kicked people out.

“Well, don’t hesitate here, better hurry up and go back, and you’re not the only one here.”

Wen Shiyu was unable to do so and could only go back.


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