Always Been Yours Chapter 991

After hearing this, Feng Shenye’s eyes were as cold as anything, “Has Shen Jin found it now? Do you need me to come back?”

“Your brother hasn’t been heard from yet, but you don’t need to come back specifically, I can still handle this matter.

Feng Tian Yi gave a few words of explanation and hung up the phone.

On the other hand, Mu Wanxian saw that what she had planned was already starting to ferment, and pretended to be concerned as she went to Feng’s Group.

When she entered the chairman’s office, she said with an eager look on her face, “Uncle Feng, I heard that something had happened to the second youngest, has the person been found now?”

“Not found yet, but thank you for your concern.”

Feng Tian Yi thanked politely.

Hearing this polite voice, Mu Wanxian was a little uncomfortable.

Thinking of her purpose for coming over, she deliberately persuaded, “Uncle Feng don’t worry too much, he will definitely be fine, and when Shen Ye returns from coming over, he will definitely be able to find him.”

The first thing he didn’t know was that Feng Tianyi had already calmed down after being nervous and worried at first.

But there were some things that he couldn’t say to Mu Wanxian, an outsider, so he just nodded, “With your good advice, but Shen Ye doesn’t need to come back, I can handle this.”

Hearing that Feng Shen Ye was not coming back, Mu Wanxian could not listen to any other words.

“Shen Ye is not coming back? How can he not come back when such a big thing has happened, Second Younger is his own brother!”

She looked at Feng Tianyi with a slightly agitated expression.

But as soon as she said this, she regretted it and apologised sarcastically, “Sorry Uncle Feng, I was just too worried.”

Although Feng Tianyi was uncomfortable, he still nodded his head.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned factory in the suburbs, Feng Shenjin, who had slept for a day, finally woke up.

Looking around at the dirty and messy place, Feng Shenjin was frozen for a moment.

He then realised that he was still tied up, so what else did he not understand?

“Holy sh*t, which one of you has the guts to kidnap me!”

He cursed in anger and struggled to untie himself.

But no matter what he did, the ropes tying his hands did not loosen at all.

As a result, Feng Shenjin became even more furious, and immediately shouted to the empty surroundings, “Anyone, come out!”

“What, having tied me up, you don’t dare to appear as a grandson?”

“Heh, is it useful to play the shrinking turtle now?”

“You have the guts to kidnap me, but you don’t have the guts to come out and meet me?”

Feng Shenjin was threatening various warnings in the ruined warehouse.

But his mouth was dry from talking, and there was silence all around, not a soul in sight.

“You’re not going to tie me up and leave me here to fend for myself, are you?”

Feng Shenjin couldn’t help but mutter in a small voice.

He called out twice more, but still no one paid any attention.

Although he felt puzzled, Feng Shenjin did not intend to sit around and wait for death.

However, just as he was about to call for help, footsteps came from outside.

It turned out that because Feng Shenjin had been screaming for a while and was suddenly silent, the people outside were worried that he had escaped and had come in to check.

Hearing the sound, Feng Shenjin hurriedly stopped his hand movements.

He lifted the curtain of his eyes and stared at the man walking in front of him with a cold look.

The man was fierce-looking, but Feng Shenjin was not afraid of him either.

“Are you the one who tied up the young master here?”

The man had no intention of paying attention to him, but knelt down to check if the ropes on Feng Shenjin’s body had been loosened.

Feng Shenjin was also annoyed by his disregarded attitude.

“Hey, I’m talking to you!”

He kicked the man with his tied up foot.

He was not at all afraid of the fact that he had been kidnapped.

No matter why this kidnapper had kidnapped him, they wouldn’t do anything to him until they hit their mark.

Besides, he still had his cards in his hand and could call for help at any time.

The man was kicked and frowned in displeasure, but did not do anything.

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