Always Been Yours Chapter 992

Feng Shenjin didn’t care whether he was happy or not, and immediately questioned, “Who sent you? For money or revenge?”

It was no wonder he said that.

The Feng family had a large family, and many people had eyes for it, and it was a thorn in the side of many people.

Even so, the man still ignored Feng Shenjin.

In response, Feng Shenjin was furious.

He grunted, “Do you think that if you don’t say anything, little master won’t know? Little master will find out sooner or later. ”

The man was still indifferent, and even intended to leave.

When Feng Shenjin saw this, his face was as black as anything.

“Hey, did I tell you to leave? Little master is hungry and needs to eat.”

The man paused and left without looking back.

But he came back a short while later with a boxed lunch in his hand.

He squatted in front of Feng Shenjin and seemed to be intending to feed him.

Who knows Feng Shenjin’s head tilted, “Who wants you to feed him, untie the rope for me, I’ll eat it myself.”

Hearing these words, the man looked straight at Feng Shenjin and also finally reacted.

“Second young master, you’d better be honest.”

He said, ready to throw in the feed again.

Feng Shenjin still didn’t eat, instead, he sneered and hooked his lips, raised his chin with an open expression and said, “Just by you, you also dare to make little master me be honest?”

As he spoke, his hand, which was tied behind him, touched the watch on his wrist and pressed it.

This watch was modified to send out a distress signal, and was his undaunted card.

At the same time, Feng Tianyi, who had been waiting for news, finally received Feng Shenjin’s distress message.

He immediately called his a*sistant and instructed, “Go, lock on to this signal and see where it’s coming from.”


When the a*sistant learnt that it was a distress message from the Second Young Master, he dared not be slow and immediately went to work.

It didn’t take long for the people from the technical department to lock on to the positioning of the distress signal.

The a*sistant got the results and immediately returned to the office, “Chairman, the location is locked, it’s in an abandoned food factory in the suburbs.”

“Prepare the car, send a copy of the location to the police and tell them to meet you in the suburbs!”

With those words, Feng Tian Yi also disappeared into the office.

Half an hour later, the two parties converged in the suburbs.

Feng Tianyi looked at the abandoned food factory not far away, his eyes were stern and frightening.

At this time, the police officer in charge of this case came over, his tone was a bit respectful, “Mr. Feng, I’m afraid there will be chaos in the rescue later, why don’t you just wait for the news over here.”

Feng Tianyi did not refuse.

His old arms and legs would not be tossed about.

Then again, he trusted his men, and the police.

But then he thought of something else and explained, “The other party shouldn’t know that we’ve come looking for them, so I want you to rescue them without alerting the kidnappers, I don’t want any accidents to occur during the rescue process.”

“Don’t worry Chairman, I won’t let anything happen to the Vice President.”

The one who spoke was Feng Shenjin’s a*sistant, with an incomparably serious expression.

He was incomparably guilty about this incident.

If he hadn’t been negligent and careless, the vice president wouldn’t have been kidnapped.

Just as he was blaming himself, the officer in charge of the rescue came over.

“Mr. a*sistant, in a moment, we’ll divide our forces into two, approach the food factory first, then scout around to see how many kidnappers there are before deciding on a move, so that we don’t push those people and do something unfavourable to the Second Young Master.”

Naturally, the a*sistant agreed.

After all, he was also worried that the kidnappers inside would find out that they would do something against the Vice President.

With that, the group lurked close to the food factory.

Inside the food factory Feng Shenjin was not idle either, tossing the kidnappers around.

He was sure that the kidnappers would not dare to do anything to him.

“Hey, I need to go to the toilet.”

Hearing the voice, the man who walked in was the same as before.

He stared at Feng Shenjin for a few seconds and warned, “Second young master had better not think otherwise.”

With those words, he led Feng Shenye to the toilet.

Unbeknownst to him, the two’s whereabouts were immediately discovered by the man surveying outside, who turned his head and went back to report.

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