Am I A Gigolo 571-572

  • Chapter 571

After telling the whole story, Night Sen sighed, “Actually, if you think about it, that Miss Feng has raised the three children so well and is so well liked by the young master, it shows that there is nothing wrong with her character.

Besides, she has been hiding the three children’s origins and doesn’t want them to acknowledge their relatives, so she probably isn’t a woman who is greedy for vanity.”

“Why are you speaking up for her?” Old Master Night glared at Night Sen with displeasure.

“I’m not speaking for her, I’m just being realistic.” Night Sen smiled, “Young Master has been cold and indifferent in nature since he was a child, when have you ever seen him so persistent and attentive to someone?”

“That is true.” Old Master Night nodded his head.

“The main thing is that those three children are too cute.” Night Sen advised, “Moreover, they have a strong bond with their mother, if they were to go to their mother and leave their children like you said, I’m afraid the children would hate you.”

Hearing these words, Old Master Night was silent ……


When Night Zhen Ting returned home with his three children, Zhu Ma had already prepared a sumptuous dinner.

Feng Qianxue was sitting on the sofa in a comfortable housecoat, holding a magazine and fidgeting.

Hearing the sound of a car coming from outside the door, Rong Ma and the girls hurriedly greeted them, and Zhu Ma reminded, “Miss, they’re back.”

“Mm.” Feng Qianxue put down her magazine, got up and followed Zhu Ma out.

“Grandma, Mummy ……”

The children got down from the car and jumped joyfully into Feng Qianxue’s arms.

Feng Qianxue squatted on the ground and spread her arms to greet the children.

When their fleshy little faces pressed against the nest of her neck and their milk-filled scent lingered in the air, Feng Qianxue raised a happy smile again.

Any worries could be cured by children.

“Be careful not to knock Mummy over.” Night Zhen Ting reminded gently.

“Mummy, San Bao misses you so much.” Yue Yue’s pink little face rubbed against Feng Qianxue’s, “Do you want to miss San Bao?”

“Yes!” Feng Qianxue kissed her cheek.

“Mummy, and me.” Long Long and Chen Chen immediately put their faces over.

Feng Qianxue gave them another kiss on each cheek.

“And me, and me.” Little Four Treasures also brought its fluffy little head over.

Feng Qianxue kissed it again and then stood up. Night Zhending was about to go forward, but Feng Qianxue led the children directly into the house, ignoring him.

He was so confused, what was going on here?

“Dinner is ready, today we made your favorite stir-fried beef, glutinous rice ribs, Kung Pao chicken, shredded fish and pork, blueberry yam, and carp soup ……”

Zhu Ma greeted the children at the table as she introduced the dishes for dinner.

She also smiled at Night Zhen Ting and said, “Of course there is also a French feast that the young master loves, and ah, Miss has sobered you up!”

“Thank you.”

Night Zhen Ting thanked Zhu Ma and turned his eyes to look at Feng Qian Xue, he wanted to talk to her, but she didn’t even look at him, she was just chatting with the children and asking about the day.

Night Zhen Ting was puzzled in his heart, was she doing it on purpose or was it unintentional?

“Daddy, can we start dinner now?” Yue Yue’s milking voice came.

Night Zhen Ting retrieved his thoughts and nodded, “Mmm, it’s time to eat!”

“Granny eat, daddy eat, mummy eat!”

The three children greeted their elders politely and then began to eat.

Feng Qianxue bowed her head and ate in silence, occasionally interacting with the children.

When Night Zhending gave her a piece of fish, she gently said “thank you” and didn’t even look at him.

At this moment, Night Zhending was finally sure that she was deliberately ignoring him.

But why?

He didn’t understand ……

After dinner, the children again clamored for their daddy and mommy to take them to the garden to play.

Feng Qianxue had agreed, but when she turned to put on her coat, the pain in her arm came back again and she immediately hurried into the bathroom ……

Chapter 572

“What’s wrong with Mummy?” Longlong looked at Feng Qianxue’s back in a daze.

“It’s probably a tummy ache and I need to poop.” Yue Yue tilted her little head and was very serious, “I’m usually like this when my tummy hurts.”

“Daddy, did you guys have a fight?” Chen Chen looked up at Night Zhen Ting, his little brows furrowed, “I see that Mommy seems a little upset.”

“There’s no quarrel.” Night Zhen Ting squatted down and explained, “Maybe Mummy isn’t feeling well, I’ll go and check on her, you guys go and play first.”

“Mmmmmm.” The children nodded their heads in quick succession.

Rong Ma and the three medical nurses took the children to the garden, while Night Zhen Ting went to the washroom on the ground floor and knocked gently on the door outside, “Feng Qianxue!”

“What is it?” Feng Qianxue was by now paralyzed with pain, her body was weak, cold sweat was breaking out all over her body, and her voice was a little weak.

“Are you alright?” Night Zhen Ting felt that something was wrong with her voice.

“My stomach is a little upset ……,” Feng Qianxue tried to make her voice not sound so weak, “You go stay with the baby first, I’m fine.”


Night Zhen Ting had no experience of living with women, so naturally he didn’t understand women. Remember the website

He thought she just had an uncomfortable stomach, besides, people were in the bathroom, so he couldn’t keep asking at the door, so he walked away.

Feng Qianxue was shivering with pain and her body curled up into a ball.

Now that pain began to gradually move upwards, originally it was only pain in the right arm, then to the right shoulder, and now it has begun to spread to the right side of the brain ……

And the pain was getting more and more intense, as if an awl was chiseling at her head, trying to chisel the brains out ……

“Where is Miss?” Zhu Ma came back from the garden looking for Feng Qianxue and didn’t see her, so she asked the servants.

“Miss Feng is in the bathroom.” The maid said.

“It’s been so long and still in there?” Zhu Ma felt that something was wrong and hurried over to knock on the door, “Miss, are you still there? Miss, Miss ……”

There was no response inside, and when Zhu Ma tried twisting the door handle, the door was unlocked.

Zhu Ma’s face instantly changed and she hurriedly went to bang on the door.

And at this time, the door suddenly opened from the inside ……

Zhu Ma lunged and almost hit the wall.

Zhu Ma twisted her head to see that Feng Qianxue was actually lying on the floor, her face as pale as paper, and her body was drenched with sweat ……

“Miss!” Zhu Ma was terrified and hurriedly helped Feng Qianxue up.

“Shhh~~” Feng Qianxue made a weak and feeble gesture, “Don’t let anyone hear.”

“What’s wrong with you? Ah?” Zhu Ma’s voice was shaking with fear, “I’ll call Dr. Lei ……”

“Don’t!” Feng Qianxue immediately pulled her back, “Help me go to your room first, I’ll be fine after I rest.”

“Good.” Zhu Ma helped Feng Qianxue to stand up.

Feng Qianxue’s legs were weak and her whole body was leaning on her.

Zhu Ma helped her out of the washroom. Luckily, the other maids were busy and didn’t notice anything.

Zhu Ma’s room was on the ground floor, and soon she helped Feng Qianxue to her bedroom, quickly closing the door behind her, and then poured a cup of warm boiled water and fed it to Feng Qianxue.

Feng Qianxue took a sip of water, but still did not slow down and collapsed weakly on the bed.

Zhu’s mother brought a hot towel to wipe her sweat and asked anxiously, “What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you? Why don’t you see a doctor?”

“I’ve been poisoned, it’s useless to see a doctor.” Feng Qianxue could only tell Zhu’s mother, “Dr. Lei did a full body checkup on me, and none of them found anything ……”

“What?” Zhu Ma’s eyes widened in shock, “Poisoned? What kind of poison?”

“I don’t know ……” Feng Qianxue took Zhu Ma’s hand and said weakly, “Zhu Ma, I have to go away for a while to find a Chinese doctor to see if there is any hope of a cure.”

“Fine, fine, I’ll go talk to the young master right away ……”

“Don’t.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly pulled her back, “You can’t talk to him.”

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