Am I A Gigolo Chapter 569-570

Chapter 569

“I didn’t say that you should live with Ling Long for the rest of your life ……” The old man of the night was so angry that he struggled to speak, “You marry her, get through this period first, and wait until your career is stable in the future before you get a divorce, won’t you? ”

“Marriage is not a child’s play, it can’t be a stepping stone to a stable career, that’s harming people and hurting yourself.”

Night Zhen Ting’s face became dark all of a sudden and his attitude was very serious ……

“My parents were the ones who made the tragedy under your arrangement, haven’t you learned your lesson yet?”

“You ……” Old Master Night was so angry that his face turned blue, but he was speechless.

At this moment, Night Sen carefully advised, “Old master, children and grandchildren have their own blessings, marriage is a matter that is beyond our control, so let him be.”

“You old thing, what do you know?” Old Master Night took his anger out on Night Sen.

“No, think about it, Miss Ling has done such insidious things behind the scenes, yet on the surface she acts like she is harmless and has fooled you for so long.

If she really married in, would she be able to tolerate your three lovely great-grandchildren? If she then hides behind your back and young master’s back to hurt those three children, the consequences would be unthinkable ……”

Night Sen’s words were silent, to the point, but they had served their purpose.

Sure enough, Old Master Night’s face immediately turned grave and his eyes dropped in deep thought. Remember the website

More important than Ling, of course, were his three little great-grandchildren!

After a long silence, Old Master Night finally compromised, “Alright, since the wood has been laid to rest, I don’t want to say anything more.”

“Thank you grandpa ……,” Night Zhen Ting finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s good to marry the mother of those three children, even though she is a commoner, but she can raise such lovely children, which means that her character is not bad.” Old Master Night analyzed, “It’s better than that Feng Qianxue!”

“Uh ……” This time, Night Sen’s face froze.

“In fact, Feng Qianxue is ……”

“Young master!” Night Sen hurriedly interrupted Night Zhen Ting and winked at him, “The three children are still waiting for you outside, why don’t you go back first and wait for the old master in a few days ……”

“Old thing, what are you doing?” Old Master Night pushed Night Sen, “I’m talking to my grandson, what are you interrupting all the time?”

“Old master, with this body, you can’t be stimulated anymore.” Night Sen was anxious, “Later on the blood pressure will go up again ……”

“Nuts, what’s so exciting, is there something wrong with the baby’s mother ……”

The old man of the night blurted out, and after he finished he stopped himself, as if he had realized something ……

“No, the children’s surname is Feng, and Feng Qianxue’s surname is also Feng, could it be ……”

Old Master Night lifted his head and looked at Night Zhen Ting in dismay.

“You guessed it right!” Night Zhen Ting smiled and nodded his head.

Night Sen covered his forehead with a look of despair, he felt that this young master was sent by the heavens to punish the old man, he was simply a devil.


This time, Old Master Night was completely stunned and did not come back to his senses for a long, long time.

He remembered that when he used to go to the house to look for the child, every time, the child’s mother avoided seeing her, even when he met her at the entrance of the neighborhood, he would only see the child, not the mother.

At that time, Night Sen had warned him that something was fishy, but he really liked those three children too much, so he did not question ……

The old man did not believe it and confirmed again: “Are you saying that the mother of those three children is …… Feng, Qian and Xue?”

The three words “Feng Qianxue”, the old man said almost word for word, clearly, afraid of getting it wrong again.

“That’s right, it’s her.” She was pregnant with my child four years ago, but I only recently found out about it ……”


Old Master Night’s hands shook, and his entire body collapsed on the bed, his blood pressure instantly spiking.

“Old master, you calm down, calm down, doctor, doctor ……”

Night Sen hurriedly went to call the doctor.


Chapter 570

As he watched the old man’s blood pressure soar, he was also shocked and hurriedly called for a doctor.

The doctor immediately checked and treated the old man, and also reminded Night Zhen Ting: “You should go out first, Mr. Night!”

“I haven’t finished my sentence yet ……”

“You’re still talking?” Night Sen was so anxious that he stomped his feet, “Do you really want to P*ss your grandfather off??”

“Hurry up and go, my little ancestor!”

Night Sen coaxed and tugged, pushing Night Zhen Ting out.

Yue Yue was running over with ice cream in her hand, waddling on her short legs, “Daddy, eat ice cream ……”

Seeing Night Sen pushing Night Zhen Ting out of the ward, she paused in her steps and looked at them in dismay.

“Daddy, what happened to great grandpa?”

Chen Chen also came out of the lounge and saw the situation in front of him, as if something was wrong.

“Grandpa Zeng wanted to eat ice cream and he got angry when I didn’t give it to him.” Night Zhen Ting took the ice cream from Yue Yue’s hand and tenderly kissed her little chubby face, “Thank you Yue Yue!”

“Why don’t you give Grandpa Zeng ice cream?” Yue Yue tilted her little head and asked innocently.

“Because Grandpa Zeng is sick and can’t eat ice cream.” Night Timothy stroked her head and picked her up, “Let’s go home!”

“Yes, let’s go home!” Yue Yue clapped her little chubby hands and cheered happily.

“Why is Grandpa Zeng acting like a child? He gets mad when he doesn’t give you ice cream?”

Long Long was walking and eating ice cream at the same time, his face full of enjoyment.

“Old kids are old kids, old people are kids when they’re old.” Tenzin tilted his little head and said seriously, “So from now on, we have to save a snack for Grandpa Zeng, okay?”

“Mmmmmm, got it ……”

Seeing Night Zhen Ting leave with the three children, Night Sen finally let out a sigh of relief and hurried back to the ward to wait on the old man.

Luckily, the doctors were all present, and it was only a spike in blood pressure, which was quickly stabilized and not a serious problem.

It is precisely because he knew this that he dared to tell the truth with impunity, thinking to give the old man a shock all at once, so that he would not have time to react and would only have to compromise ……

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual situation.

It was a long time before the old man’s physical condition stabilized again, but he did not dare to be transferred to a general ward today, at least for another day of observation to see.

The doctors were on standby in the next room.

Night Sen wiped the old man’s sweat with a hot towel and said carefully and soothingly, “Don’t be angry, children and grandchildren have their own blessings ……”

“Old thing, you knew all along, didn’t you? Just hide it from me?” Old Master Night glared at him in exasperation.

“I knew when you were in a coma, I told you, but you couldn’t hear me. ……” Night Sen was a bit aggrieved.

“What the hell is going on? Tell me about it.” Old Master Night was anxious to know the details.

“After you fell ill, you kept thinking about the three children, so I brought them over to see you. I learned that day that the children’s mother had been kidnapped, and the children begged me to save them, so I immediately sent someone to investigate, and at that time, I found that the young master had already struck out.

I was puzzled when the young master instructed me to take the children to your place for a while, saying that it would be dangerous to return home, so I thought better of it and did so. The children are staying with you, and although they have everything they need, they do not see their mother, and they are in tears every day.

I was puzzled when Tatsu asked to see the young master, but I arranged it anyway and took him to see him. The two of them actually talked for half an hour in the study, and the young master was so impressed with the boy that he even saw him out when he left.

I thought to myself that I had won the young master’s approval because of his intelligence and understanding, but on the way back, Chen had a terrible abdominal pain in the car and a red rash all over his body.

I hurriedly asked the driver to rush to the hospital while calling the young master to ask him what he had drunk at the young master’s, who said he had drunk raisin juice with kiwi ……”

Speaking of this, Night Sen paused, “It was because of this juice that the young master drew attention to himself, found an excuse to transfer me, and privately had Lei Yu test his and Chen Chen’s DNA ……”

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