Am I A Gigolo Chapter 309-310

Chapter 309

When she heard the words “no crying”, Feng Qianxue cried even more and looked at the family portrait on the wall and said, “Little Four Treasures, tell me, where have the Big Boy, the Second Boy and the Third Boy gone? Have they been taken away by the bad guys?”

“Bad people, bad people ……” Little Four Treasures repeated these two words.

Feng Qianxue inexplicably thought of Night Zhen Ting, could it be that he had captured the children?

When she left the night house today she said those words and angered him?

Then he grabbed her child?

I don’t think so ……

At this time, the phone suddenly rang, Feng Qianxue hurriedly ran towards her room, accidentally hitting the wall, her back was so painful that it was about to break, but she couldn’t care less and flung herself onto the bed to get the phone.

It was a call from Timothy Night.

She answered the phone and said “hello”.

“Where are you?” Timothy asked.

“Night Zhen Ting, did you take my child?” Feng Qianxue questioned excitedly.

“What’s all this nonsense?” Night Zhen Ting shouted coldly, “What did I grab your child for?”

Feng Qianxue froze for a moment and quickly came back to her senses, “No, it’s alright.”

She knew that even though Night Zhen Ting was brutal, he had one advantage, he never played dirty.

To be more precise, he did not care to play dirty.

If he had caught the child, he would have admitted it straight away, or even taken the initiative to say so.

Since he was so dismayed, it meant that he hadn’t captured the child.

“What happened?” Night Zhen Ting asked after him.

“Nothing, I’ll hang up first ……”

Feng Qianxue was now in a very irritable and low mood, she didn’t care about him at all and simply hung up the phone.


Night Zhen Ting on the other end of the phone, obviously did not expect Feng Qian Xue to dare to hang up on him.

He recalled her words just now and his brows furrowed ……

“Night King ……” Night Hui saw that Night Zhen Ting had been hung up by Feng Qian Xue and now looked extremely pale, he hurriedly advised carefully, “Lei Yu just told me that that Zhu Ma of Miss Feng’s family is sick and is now staying in her hospital, so she might be in a bad mood ……”

“Something to do with me?” Night Zhen Ting asked coldly and rhetorically, “I’m the one who made that Zhu Ma sick?”

“No, what I mean is ……”

“Shut up!” Night ZhenTing glared at him and took his car keys and went out.

“Zhen Ting, where are you going?” Ling Long walked into his family’s villa just in time to meet him, “I bought king crabs, I’ll cook them myself tonight, let’s have dinner together!”

“No time.” Night ZhenTing didn’t even look at her and left straight away.

“ZhenTing, ZhenTing ……” LingLong shouted a few times after her.

She was so angry that she stomped her feet, she had already spent all her efforts to please him, but he was ignoring her.

In fact, the day she came back, he was quite cordial, but then he became more and more indifferent ……

It’s all because of that Feng Qianxue!!!

Ling Long gnashed her teeth with hatred when she thought of this.

However, she wouldn’t be discouraged, at least she still had the support of the old emperor!

“General Ling, what about these king crabs?” The attendant asked cautiously.

“Eat them yourselves.” Ling Long called Old Master Night, his voice immediately becoming well behaved, “Grandpa, tonight I’ll personally cook and make your favourite vegetarian food, let’s have dinner together.”

“I’m at the hospital, you don’t have to bother.” Old Master Night said.

“What? You’re in the hospital?” Ling Long was shocked, “What’s going on? Are you not feeling well anywhere?”

“No, my driver accidentally hit a little kid and I’m at the hospital dealing with it.” Old Master Night looked at his watch, “I really forgot the time if you didn’t tell me, it’s already eight o’clock, how about this, you make a vegetarian meal and send it to Taiji Hospital.”

“Fine, fine, I’ll prepare it right away.”

Hanging up the phone, Ling Long called the maid he had brought with him to help her in the kitchen, and dismissed the night family’s cook.

With the kitchen door closed, Ling Long swiped his phone aside and urged, “Hurry up, Master is waiting to eat.”


“Say later that I made it, got it?”

“Yes, understood!”


Chapter 310

Tatsu was still waiting anxiously at the emergency room door, and his tiny body was a little tired.

“Are you hungry?” Old Master Night handed him a burger and a gla*s of juice, “I’ve had a nutritious vegetarian meal sent over, but it might take a while, so you can eat some of this to pad your stomach first.”

“No, thanks.”

Chen took a look at the burger and his stomach rumbled, his little face flushed.

How could he not be hungry? In the past, when he got home at half past three, he would have a snack first and then have dinner at six.

But today, he hadn’t had a snack, he hadn’t had dinner, and he hadn’t even had a sip of water.

Now tired and weak, his little face was pale and his lips were dry, and every now and then he licked his lips with his little tongue.

“Eat up.” Old Master Night divided the burger into two halves and handed him half, “I can’t eat such a big burger, just think of it as helping me, I think your teacher has taught you that good kids should help others!”

“Okay then.” Tenzin reluctantly took the burger and said in a high-handed manner, “Old people should eat less of this, it’s not easy to digest.”

“Right.” Old Master Night smiled, “Eat up.”

“You eat first, I’ll go find my sister.”

Chen Chen looked at the burger and swallowed, but didn’t move a bite, and carefully took the burger and walked towards the lift.

The old man of the night was very curious and quietly followed Chen Chen ……

Chen Chen came to the ward downstairs, first asked the nurse for a disposable cup and received a cup of warm boiled water, then carried the warm water and took the burger to the ward to find Yue Yue.

At this moment, Yue Yue was lying asleep in bed with a nurse beside her.

“San Bao!” Chen Chen called out gently, but Yue Yue did not wake up and was still in a deep sleep.

Not wanting to wake her up, Chen Chen handed the nurse the warm water and burger and said softly, “Sister nurse, when my sister wakes up later, please feed it to her.”

Outside the door, the old man of the night who saw this scene was moved, so the boy was sending the burger down to his sister to eat.

“Is this what you bought for your sister?” The nurse took the item and asked curiously, “Little brother, you are just over three years old, you still know how to take care of your sister, so good!”

“I’m the big brother, I should take care of my younger siblings.” Tenzin puffed up his chest, very responsible, “Sister nurse, what is my sister’s condition? Is it serious?”

“It’s not serious!” The nurse squatted down and said gently, “Don’t worry, your sister is fine, she just has tonsillitis, she’ll be fine after taking medicine, drinking more water and resting.”

“My mummy said that you should eat light things with tonsillitis, drink lots of water and have vegetable porridge ……” Chen looked at Yueyue guiltily, “but I can’t contact my mummy and mother-in-law now, and I don’t have money to buy porridge for my sister. She hasn’t eaten tonight and she must be hungry.”

“Uh ……” The nurse was so moved by Chen Chen that her eyes were moistened, she quickly held Chen Chen’s shoulders and said, “Little brother, don’t worry, sister will take good care of your sister, sister can order takeaway to send congee over, when your sister wakes up, sister will feed it to her. When your sister wakes up, my sister will feed her.”

“Thank you, sister.” Chen Chen bowed to the nurse, then took out a storybook from his schoolbag and handed it to her, “This is placed with you as collateral, when my mummy comes, she will pay for your congee.”

Old Master Night’s eyes were red, and the hand holding his cane trembled slightly.

Chen Chen had touched the softest part of his heart, he really didn’t think that a three year old child would be so responsible and know how to be grateful, it’s amazing!

“No need ……” The nurse hastily pushed back.

“Please take it!” Chen Chen was very insistent.

The nurse had to take it for now and hurriedly handed him half a burger next to him, “Your sister can’t eat burgers and drink juice, so you can take it and eat it, you shouldn’t have eaten at night either, right?”

“Well ……” Chen Chen took the burger and swallowed, but didn’t eat it, instead he wrapped it carefully and put it in his school bag, “I’ll keep it for now, and give it to Erbao when he wakes up. “

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